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  1. Muse in Greece !!!!! Finally!!!! here we can talk about our tickets!! αύριο ξεκινάει η προπώληση τελικά???
  2. sex, violence, politics, insulted people.... damn, I feel so stupid ...I merely watched the video over and over again laughing like a retarded and singing along "ooooo, one two three four...":$
  3. hi there!! after the cancellation of malmo 's gig me and my friends are planning to come from Greece to London for this gig so I want to be completely sure for the tickets and I need some help please!! Does anyone know if it's first come first served for the tickets of standing or one can get a number and revisit the stadium when the gates open? If not does anyone know where the set will be located in order to choose the best available seats?
  4. It was supposed to be my first gig! I was supposed to travel all the way from Greece to Copenhagen (and then Malmo) just to see them. Now I'm taking the trip just for fun. Dear Matt, get your pretty ass and come to Greece or I swear I'll come to Malmo arena and I'll pretend the gig is happening :P sooooo desperate!!!
  5. aha....there's a voice behind this post telling me "book tickets for train NOOOOWWWWW"
  6. oh!!there's a mall there??? I'll try to convince my friends to travel early in order to stay at the mall and wait!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!! How long does it takes from Copenhagen to Malmo? I read somewhere that it's only 20 minutes away ,is that true?
  7. thank you very very much!!!! I 'll tell my friends to start early cause we'll be coming from Copenhagen :)
  8. because I didn't get it...what time should I be at the stadium in order to stand in the first row in frond of the stage?? I read at the site of the stadium that the doors open two hours before it starts.and earlier for those who want to eat at the restaurant of the stadium. does anyone else knows anything?
  9. I don't like animals...I mean I like the lyrics and the guitar solo...but all the other melody seams not intresting to me
  10. Τώρα βρήκαν????? που έχω ήδη κλείσει τα εισητήρια για Μαλμο,Σουηδία!!! (οχι ότι θα κερδιζα αλλα λέμε τώρα)
  11. I have to state that I really love big freeze and it is one of my favorites songs in the album!! ok the synth is a little too much...thank God they didn't use it in the final recording! It would be like an opening for a video game
  12. Actually I hope they'll forget the list and play both sunburn and falling down
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