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  1. Yes I think too ! (sorry for my english i'm french) I have to change the nut, no alternative. What kind of nut do you recommend ?
  2. No that's only on my open E string, and when it's plug in, we can't hear it. No problem for any others strings.I think the string buzz in the nut. Here some pictures in attachments.
  3. I think it's high enough, I already tried. (more than 1,5mm for the high E) Maybe I must adjust the truss rod ? but I don't really know how to. And yes it's cut too low in my opinion, Am i subject to change it ? Or is there any trick ?
  4. Hi ! My mbc has one problem, and I need your help to fix it ! It's about my high E string. When i play it open string, it make a noise that i hate "bzzzz", but just when it's open string. So, I think it's related to the nut, because my tune stability is special, I think I must change it. Anyone has the same problem ? And what do you recommend ? Thank's!
  5. ok thank you ! Amazon sells it for almost the same price in pounds in euro ( 540 euros ) ! I hope it lasts http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B00WAFBRMS/ref=asc_df_B00WAFBRMS28434954/?tag=googshopfr-21&creative=22686&creativeASIN=B00WAFBRMS&linkCode=df0
  6. Hi, I am waiting my birthday to purchase this guitar. It's in november. I'm asking, because of the many stocks problems of cort, if they continue to produce this guitar, do you heard something about that? And is it worth it to buy it without test it ? ( there is no place to test it in france..........)
  7. Does the matt black finish seems black? (On video it seems grey) Yes,pictures are welcome
  8. "Hi, The guitar without a sustainer would cost £499. The sustainer upgrade costs a further £399. The price in Euros totally depends on the exchange rate on the day you make a purchase. With todays rates (1.37) the guitar would cost 683.63 Euros and the sustainer 543.63 Euros. MBC-1 without Sustainer - 683.63 Euros MBC-1 with Sustainer - 1230.26 Euros This price doesn’t include carriage costs. Carriage would be around 90 Euros. Regards, Jay" Email from manson
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