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  1. and I‘m waiting patiently ... I don‘t like leaks. but the lyrics are to be found on Matts youtube-channel.
  2. Suddenly you can‘t choose between dark and white anymore! The dark one is soooo sad and ... dark 😭
  3. 🤔 need to check out the website .. ah! Now I know which Matt Bellamy I need to follow on youtube
  4. Ok, I‘ll pass it on to him 😜🤪
  5. We‘ll know more on Friday 😎 Will be posted on solo-channels, on all streaming platforms - Matt said so on his Insta 😁
  6. Coincidence? Probably yes, but I think there‘s a war between the fans, not the artists ... I love Radiohead’s The Bends and Ok Computer albums, but then I lost interest ... one song by Thom solo was great, but can‘t remember which one 😅
  7. Lol Thom Yorke just released a new song today (heard it on BBC 6) grand piano and him singing ... it‘s beautiful 🙂
  8. He posted a snipped today, and said it‘s coming VERY soon ....
  9. I thought they‘d definitely do a lot of festivals this year .. I wonder if Global Citizen is still a thing .. I don‘t think so 😐
  10. You‘re always quicker than me Jobby! But, I posted scans of the interview in the“ Muse in the media“ thread 😏 excited to hear about the guitar sounds-part, but I hoped that they‘d start working on the new album in autumn/winter this year..
  11. Oh sh... 🤪 I mixed it up with Popcorn it seems ... oops!
  12. Here‘s the link to the information, somebody bought it already and has scans ? 😅 https://guitar.com/news/magazine/the-june-2020-issue-of-guitar-magazine-is-out-now/
  13. I just thought that it sounded as if we’ve never had the song live before...
  14. I loooooovveeeee CTMEOOY 🥰😎I always loved it as a song before Muse did their cover, I love their cover and now live aaahhhhhhh!!!! wish they‘d play it again one day and I‘d be there in person yes!! btw, yes I know the Taratata version! 😁😁😁😎😎😎😏😏😏😏🤘🤘🤘🤘🥰🥰🥰🥰
  15. Musers are sadly known for arguing, being upset, unsatisfied .. even the band know this. Muse are on a break between a tour and the next album, so I never expected them to do live streaming or sending messages to their fans. It‘s nice that they are giving us those songs, I enjoyed the documentary and had a good laugh! On the other hand, it would have been nice to just throw out this gig ... but maybe the evil Warner is to blame again 🤷‍♀️ or they just don‘t care .. The thing about OOS is that it was a mistake they didn‘t tell us about it being limited. In my opinion it is not overpriced for what you get, and I think they were aware that the music would find its way into the net anyway.
  16. Natürlich kannst du bleiben! Ich schreib ja auch im deutschen Thread mit 🤪😂 Ich war bis jetzt auf 2 Konzerten von ihnen, in Wien 2016 und eben in Graz und du?
  17. Ok, we‘ll get 4 songs next week. .. why not the full gig 🤔
  18. Who knows? Maybe one day we‘ll get the full gig 😎 This is better than nothing, only took them 7 years 🤪😂 it begins ! making of Panic Station pt. 1
  19. Hi! Wollt grad hin, aber da steht „Einladung abgelaufen“ .. 🙁
  20. Griasti! Es is hoit ned vü los do .... 😅 woarst am Konzert in Graz?
  21. If they play a new song tonight, .... April fool !! but I tried it ....
  22. For those who haven‘t seen it yet, it is in the mediathek of 3Sat again until March 29 😎👍 https://www.3sat.de/kultur/pop-around-the-clock/muse-102.html
  23. Yeah, would be great but I think he has other things to do and he is too shy .. but only my thoughts.
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