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  1. Hey since you guys know about photography here, am I able to increase the size of my photographs without losing too much quality? I have an image I would like use for a poster print but the pixel size is not big enough apparently. Its 3000 pixels high but the print shop needs it in 4961 pixels... Any tool or such I could use?
  2. I'm gonna reply to myself here So I found some stock photos on iStockphoto but it says "editorial use only" on them, what does that mean? Can I use them to make posters and stuff if I intend to maybe sell them? Or if someone here has some cool photos from gigs etc I could steal Its just that I asked my printer (print24) and they said I shoudl be 110 percent sure that I have the rights.. So anyone know how this works? please
  3. Hi guys does anyone know if theres any royalty free photos of Muse anywhere? Like the band, gigs and such? I wanted to create some artwork and maybe make posters etc but obviously need permission to use the photos... Dont want any lawsuits
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    Umm ok.. what are you on dude ha
  5. Sorry nc_chan but I really hate techno/trance/dance remixes of rock songs, just nevers works.
  6. Well at £0.99 I dont think anyone can justify not buying this!
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