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  1. 8 shows actually, lol. And you have absolutely no idea how frustrating it was to get Hysteria every time back when they did the Map/Hysteria rotation... I've accepted it by now though, I can't complain with what I have seen 😄
  2. Updated after 2 Simulation Theory shows. I DID NOT expect to hear The Void 😱 Showbiz: Sunburn x2 Unintended Showbiz Muscle Museum Origin of Symmetry: Bliss x2 Plug In Baby x7 New Born x4 Feeling Good Citizen Erased Absolution: Interlude x7 Hysteria x7 Apocalypse Please x2 Time Is Running Out x7 Butterflies and Hurricanes x2 Blackout Stockholm Syndrome Sing For Absolution Black Holes and Revelations: Supermassive Black Hole x7 Starlight x7 Take A Bow x3 Knights of Cydonia x8 Assassin The Resistance: Resistance x4 Uprising x7 Undisclosed Desires x2 Guiding Light The 2nd Law: Isolated System x3 Prelude x3 Madness x7 Unsustainable x4 Supremacy x2 Panic Station x2 Animals x2 Explorers Liquid State x2 Follow Me x2 Survival x2 Drones: Drones x2 Psycho x5 Dead Inside x3 The Handler JFK x2 Reapers x2 The Globalist x2 Mercy x5 Simulation Theory: Algorithm x2 Pressure x2 Break It To Me x2 Propaganda x2 The Dark Side x2 Thought Contagion x2 Dig Down x2 Algorithm (Alternate Version) x2 The Void B-sides: Dead Star Easily Glorious Fury Yes Please Futurism Other: Munich Jam x4 Monty Jam x2 Dracula Mountain Houston Jam x2 Pray x2 Metal Medley (Stockholm Syndrome / Assassin / Reapers / The Handler / New Born) x2
  3. Andy Burrows and SWMRS announced as support for Nijmegen! I don't know SWMRS, but I'm happy with Andy. He was the support act at their show in the Ziggo Dome in 2012 too and I really like his chill music.
  4. (Assuming this is legit) Those are some poor rotations, once again. Imagine getting Something Human & Isolated System instead of Propaganda & Pray... I don't really care for either of the Hysteria-Resistance rotation and I just wished they'd play both BITM & Blockades.
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