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  1. 8 shows actually, lol. And you have absolutely no idea how frustrating it was to get Hysteria every time back when they did the Map/Hysteria rotation... I've accepted it by now though, I can't complain with what I have seen 😄
  2. Updated after 2 Simulation Theory shows. I DID NOT expect to hear The Void 😱 Showbiz: Sunburn x2 Unintended Showbiz Muscle Museum Origin of Symmetry: Bliss x2 Plug In Baby x7 New Born x4 Feeling Good Citizen Erased Absolution: Interlude x7 Hysteria x7 Apocalypse Please x2 Time Is Running Out x7 Butterflies and Hurricanes x2 Blackout Stockholm Syndrome Sing For Absolution Black Holes and Revelations: Supermassive Black Hole x7 Starlight x7 Take A Bow x3 Knights of Cydonia x8 Assassin The Resistance: Resistance x4 Uprising x7 Undisclosed Desires x2 Guiding Light The 2nd Law: Isolated System x3 Prelude x3 Madness x7 Unsustainable x4 Supremacy x2 Panic Station x2 Animals x2 Explorers Liquid State x2 Follow Me x2 Survival x2 Drones: Drones x2 Psycho x5 Dead Inside x3 The Handler JFK x2 Reapers x2 The Globalist x2 Mercy x5 Simulation Theory: Algorithm x2 Pressure x2 Break It To Me x2 Propaganda x2 The Dark Side x2 Thought Contagion x2 Dig Down x2 Algorithm (Alternate Version) x2 The Void B-sides: Dead Star Easily Glorious Fury Yes Please Futurism Other: Munich Jam x4 Monty Jam x2 Dracula Mountain Houston Jam x2 Pray x2 Metal Medley (Stockholm Syndrome / Assassin / Reapers / The Handler / New Born) x2
  3. Andy Burrows and SWMRS announced as support for Nijmegen! I don't know SWMRS, but I'm happy with Andy. He was the support act at their show in the Ziggo Dome in 2012 too and I really like his chill music.
  4. (Assuming this is legit) Those are some poor rotations, once again. Imagine getting Something Human & Isolated System instead of Propaganda & Pray... I don't really care for either of the Hysteria-Resistance rotation and I just wished they'd play both BITM & Blockades.
  5. Ah okay, thanks! I've never seen that stated on a ticket over here.
  6. Just noticed it says "No photo - video" on my tickets for the show at the Goffertpark. Does that mean they'll pull a 'Jack White' and won't allow phones? I've never seen that on a Ticketmaster ticket before.
  7. Yeah I think this is my favourite post Black Holes album. Could just be the "new album-high" I'm on right now though, since I thought that with every album just after release I genuinely really like it though. I'm surprised
  8. Absolute highlights: Algorithm (both the main and alternate version) The Dark Side (again both versions) Propaganda Blockades The Void Other decent to good songs: Pressure Break It To Me Thought Contagion Low points: Dig Down Something Human Get Up And Fight? (I don't know what to think of that one yet...) All in all: I like it. A lot!
  9. I gotta say that I was very apprehensive of this record, but these snippets have definitely build some hype for me! I know it's not fair to judge on 15-20 second snippets, but I absolutely love Blockades and Algorithm from what I've heard so far! The Void has massive potential too and I'm a huge sucker for Prince, so I love the sexy little Propaganda snippet (aside from the robot voice maybe). GUAF's snippet sounds okay, nothing special. And then there's BITM....
  10. Definitely, I'm pleasantly surprised if the tickets turn out to be €66,80! I was expecting worse. I'm already going to Metallica and Mark Knopfler in june and I'm hoping to get tickets for Rammstein on the 25th too. All of those are way more expensive than this. June is insanely crowded with concerts though
  11. Tickets for the show in Nijmegen start at €66,80. It's a park and not a stadium, so it's all standing I think. I presume there'll only be those tickets, plus a golden circle (and the VIP packages of course).
  12. Listened to it a couple more times now and I'm kinda annoyed with the song. It's not bad. Nowhere near as bad as SH and DD are at least.But it has so much more potential. I agree with the production being a bit thin and not beefy enough, but I also feel like the song really doesn't go anywhere. I can see the comparisons to Revolt for instance, but at least Revolt had a semi-decent guitar solo in it. This is just a nice riff that goes on for way to long, paired with cheesy verses and Matt's (nowadays signature) chorusses consisting of a bunch of 3 word-sentences. It just sounds kinda... Uninspired? I guess? I kept waiting for something more to happen or for the track to take me somewhere, but it just didn't happen and instead kept repeating itself. Again, it's a pretty decent track! Easily the second best out of the bunch of singles released so far, after The Dark Side! I was just expecting a bit more (I know, I should know better by now )
  13. Where is everyone reading about the stadium tour? EDIT: Oh, should've checked the speculation thread of course :')
  14. My conclusion on this: Pressure is pretty good (though I was expecting more from a song described with "riffs changing every 10 seconds). Nowhere close to TDS tho!
  15. Has everyone forgotten about The Handler's existence? Easily the best since BHaR!
  16. I honestly think that's the reason why I don't instantly like it, since I was expecting some heavy riff-fest with the way Matt described it and those dark lyrics. This is just another confirmation I can't trust a single thing the guy says about his music All in all, it's pretty good!
  17. This was the song where the riffs were supposed to "change every ten seconds" or am I remembering that completely wrong? I'm not sure if I like it yet... It's very original and unexpected though, I give them that!
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