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  1. I.wouldn't say there are any difficult Muse songs bass. Its all down to opinion and skill. Some Muse songs will obviously be difficult for some people but not so difficult for others if you know what i mean. But on that note, Hysteria is quite.difficult for me. I can only play the main riff on bass. Panic Station is quite awkward for me aswell.
  2. Haha. Agreed. I've got an MG15CD aswell. They're not all that good sound wise.
  3. Okay thanks alot guys. And yeah if the guitar breaks or something I can just shove the pickup in my Squier.
  4. Guys. Random question: What do you's think on putting a Humbucker at the bridge of a crappy Strat copy? Something like the Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB. My friends have said its like putting diamonds in a pile of dog crap but I believe my guitar should deserve better.
  5. I wouldn't want to see Matt as a solo artist as a side project but rather the guitarist for another band as a side project. He'd be absolutely epic!
  6. 1. Madness 2. Glorious 3. I Belong To you 4. MK Ultra 5. Nature_1 In order
  7. Opinions? My personal favourite is Rock Am Ring 2002. That performance just blew me away!
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