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  1. I dont have any bigger screws but ill try a toothpick
  2. Hey guys. I noticed that the strap button at the bottom of my guitar had came loose. When I tried tightening it, it just wouldn't so I took the button and the screw out and as I did that, alot of sawdust came out. I tried using a longer screw, but nothing! It came to the point where I didn't even need the screwdriver and I could just push the screw in. How do I fix this? Its my favourite and best guitar I've ever had!
  3. So it was just that tiny tiny mistake that put me off from learning the song for a long time? Damn...
  4. Ahh thanks alot for the help guys!! Really appreciate it!
  5. I've asked many people what would happen if you played a bass through a guitar amp and i've had loads of mixed respones. But i know definitely that if you have the amp too loud, you can blow the speaker. But how does it actually affect the amp itself?
  6. There's a website where you can make your own phone/ iPod covers. I can't remember what its called but its worth a Google
  7. "Everything about you is how i'd wanna be. Your freedom comes naturally" "Everything about you is so easy to love. They're watching you from above" From Bliss because these lyrics remind me of my girlfriend and i dedicate them to her
  8. Just bought this today! I love it so much! I'm absolutely glued to it It's very Che Guevara...
  9. Hey I watched some of your covers there. You're not a bad player. Keep up the good work!!
  10. FingerFud

    Boss OS-2

    Hey guys just bought this pedal and now im having regrets about if I should've bought this or not. If I have the tone/ distortion up a bit and play a note on the g-string, it sounds like there's alot of fret buzz coming from that string, Its the same with my other guitar. Its so annoying :'( Plus what's a good setting for a Muse-y sound?
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