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  1. Been a while since I posted here, and I hope it's okay to do so, but I am hosting a Simulation Theory party at Footlight Bar in NYC next Sunday! It's free and I really hope lots of Musers will come out. Here's the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2258423697727700/ I really hope to see lots of Musers there! <3
  2. In the band, who was the biggest fan of the new Star Wars, and who was Matt's favorite character from the new Star Wars movie?
  3. Got one!! No Will Call though? Grrr. I'm at a sublet, and this is the first time something coming in the mail is a big deal. The people I'm subletting from are amazing and I know they'll let me come pick the ticket up if it's after I move, but God, it makes me nervous receiving important (expensive!!) mail in a new place D:
  4. I live in Brooklyn and will be *fingers crossed* at the show, if the presale works out tomorrow morning! Sooooo stressed about it, though, because I thought it would be around $50 and my budget is super tight. Like... $2 in the bank account until Friday kind of tight. But they're gonna be in my 'hood!!! Last I saw them was at the famous Webster Hall show, so nothing will beat that but still. STILL. Muse in Brooklyn. Yesss. If ya'll want info about the venue, let me know. I live ten mins away and am in that area about twice a week
  5. Glorious has long been one of my fav Muse songs- it's even my ringtone! So I would definitely lose my mind if they played it! Last time I saw them, I got Ruled by Secrecy, which was a big one, but my top two wishlist is Glorious or Endlessly. Or Sing for Absolution.
  6. Been a while since I posted, but after that stressful mess this morning, I do have tickets and will be seeing my favorite band in my favorite city. Still can't believe it! SEE YOU SOON, MUSE!!!
  7. Yes! That's definitely the one... I remember Matt acting a bit stand-offish with the interviewer. Might anyone possibly have a copy of this banging around on their harddrive anywhere...? Thank you SO MUCH btw!!
  8. I've been looking for this interview for a while, and could only find a short clip from it and a screencap... looks like it was from MTV Overdrive. Anyone have this interview? Would be super happy if someone has it and could upload or share!
  9. Awesome! I recently discovered some Muse mashups and was hoping to find more! Will sort through this thread!
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