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  1. Been a while since I posted here, and I hope it's okay to do so, but I am hosting a Simulation Theory party at Footlight Bar in NYC next Sunday! It's free and I really hope lots of Musers will come out. Here's the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2258423697727700/ I really hope to see lots of Musers there! <3
  2. In the band, who was the biggest fan of the new Star Wars, and who was Matt's favorite character from the new Star Wars movie?
  3. Got one!! No Will Call though? Grrr. I'm at a sublet, and this is the first time something coming in the mail is a big deal. The people I'm subletting from are amazing and I know they'll let me come pick the ticket up if it's after I move, but God, it makes me nervous receiving important (expensive!!) mail in a new place D:
  4. I live in Brooklyn and will be *fingers crossed* at the show, if the presale works out tomorrow morning! Sooooo stressed about it, though, because I thought it would be around $50 and my budget is super tight. Like... $2 in the bank account until Friday kind of tight. But they're gonna be in my 'hood!!! Last I saw them was at the famous Webster Hall show, so nothing will beat that but still. STILL. Muse in Brooklyn. Yesss. If ya'll want info about the venue, let me know. I live ten mins away and am in that area about twice a week
  5. Glorious has long been one of my fav Muse songs- it's even my ringtone! So I would definitely lose my mind if they played it! Last time I saw them, I got Ruled by Secrecy, which was a big one, but my top two wishlist is Glorious or Endlessly. Or Sing for Absolution.
  6. Been a while since I posted, but after that stressful mess this morning, I do have tickets and will be seeing my favorite band in my favorite city. Still can't believe it! SEE YOU SOON, MUSE!!!
  7. Yes! That's definitely the one... I remember Matt acting a bit stand-offish with the interviewer. Might anyone possibly have a copy of this banging around on their harddrive anywhere...? Thank you SO MUCH btw!!
  8. I've been looking for this interview for a while, and could only find a short clip from it and a screencap... looks like it was from MTV Overdrive. Anyone have this interview? Would be super happy if someone has it and could upload or share!
  9. Awesome! I recently discovered some Muse mashups and was hoping to find more! Will sort through this thread!
  10. These are my dream four- three of them for me and one for my friend I'm going with (she loves CE). But omg Take a Bow... PLEASE. Or Ruled by Secrecy? GAAAH. Also I can't believe I'm heading out for the trip in five daaaays! It's getting close. I still have some stuff I need to get done before the trip. Got a checklist and everything. And thanks everyone for the comments on the scarf! I hope I can get it to him and that he likes it. I'd be so happy to meet them period though!
  11. Hey again! ahhhh it's getting soon! I'll be leaving in 7 days to head out too yaaaay! Any slightly more firm plans of where to meet after the show? Also, oh man, I REALLY hope the guys will come out and say hello to us if we wait around for them after the show. I made a scarf I want to give Matt! In fact, let me find the pic... http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l9dvr0neRH1qdeug0o1_500.jpg It has large sparkly parts in the blue and the tassels are sparkly gold! I really hope I can give it to Matt.
  12. hey guys! I know I haven't posted in ages... work was insane (loads of weddings and functions at the restaurant), etc but... here I am again! Can't wait for the show! (that's an understatement) Is there going to be a big Muser get together after the show? I know Dusty (I can't remember her screen name on here, ooops!) said some of her Muselive friends and us are going to get together before the show but hey, it would be so much fun to see you guys! OH GOSH SO SOON FINALLY.
  13. Oh man it's getting closer!!!!! I'm pretty excited that Metric is opening, too, since I really love their new album. My friend gave me another of their albums today to listen to so I can keep preparing for the show. Can't wait. We are still trying to sell our one ticket though, the one my friend had before we bought a pair in a different section. so if anyone is just looking for ONE ticket, it's in row C of 121. So if anyone knows anyone wanting to get a ticket at face value, just let me know!! Can't wait to rock out with you ladies at the show! Oh man... oh MAN. CAN'T WAIT!!!
  14. haha yes, dried fruit and nuts are life savers! I was told this by my doctor and have followed it ever since. Isadora, I feel you on that. I worry about the same thing since I'll have to be the airport so early on Monday that I probably won't sleep the night before. If I don't sleep well, I get headaches and get spacey, which in turn makes me lethargic and anxious/weepy usually haha. Hopefully I'll sleep before heading to the airport though and even some on the plane (doubtful!) I have super bad anxiety issues since two years ago, and big crowds make it 1828287x worse... but this IS Muse. I just hope they appreciate what I'm doing for them. Going to make sure to guzzle loads and loads of water before and during the gig, that should help. You must make sure to do that too! Water is the best thing for helping bring your energy back up, especially if you're tired. And FOOD. Send someone to get you real food if you need lots of protein (I seem to always need it. Sadly, no vegetarian life for me! haha) Hope that helps... and hope we both feel miraculously awesome!!
  15. Yeah, you have to take care of yourself with that kind of thing! Before my Andrew Bird show, I forgot to eat and ended up so weak that I almost stayed in the motel room and didn't go, bleh. But thankfully when I called my mom she said NO YOU ARE GOING! and told me to eat/drink certain things haha. Yay for moms. Make sure to have some dried fruit and nuts... the fruit gets into your system fast and brings up your blood sugar and the nuts help prolong your energy. Good luck with the barrier! I hope all you awesome people in this thread get to be right in front of the stage! Still plotting about hopefully meeting them after the show! Would be SO cool!
  16. Ugh CAN'T WAIT. Towers or no towers. I could never live on that little to eat. I have horrid problems with blood sugar and will probably end up having a regular meal as soon before the show as possible, just in case. Good thing we have seats I guess because I'd never last standing in line for hours! sooooo excited! Got earplugs too, btw! Haven't ever had earplugs for a show before but I know Muse rocks hard and loud!
  17. Oooh the design on that is so cool! I would do it but I need to be good and save money for getting a shirt at the actual gig. I try to always buy a shirt at gigs I go to and since this is my first Muse gig... need to snag one! Are you ladies getting together to eat or anything, before the show?
  18. omg what a cool story! How lucky you were! And very clever to go stand in that line. You never know what might happen... people seem to be unpredictable... sometimes they're mean, sometimes they become your best friend and sometimes they give you a ticket to see Muse haha. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs095.snc3/16254_192654821410_500481410_4514822_3045910_n.jpg ^There it is before I finished making it! and about halfway through the video he wears it!!!!!!!!!!!! He's worn it to shows too. <3
  19. yeah to be honest, I'm terrified about flying! I hope Matt/Dom/Chris appreciate it. My mom also said to me "Hey, but you can have a drink on the flight!" I love my mom. 69 days? Sigh. But still! SOON! (just wish it was closer). Definitely hoping to meet them. Last concert I went to was Andrew Bird and not only did I meet him afterwards but I gave him the scarf I made him and he's worn it in a music video and to several shows. We'll see if I can continue such luck. Hey, it'll be October though! That's my lucky month!
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