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  1. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)


    basically we have 2 make an invitation to the mad hatters tea party ;) i know it sounds sad lol ;)

    but the invite can be a dress or any 3D object e.g. cups or playing cards etc . ;)


    wow ;) sounds yummy :happy:

    my evening was ok thx ;) i just spent it watching muse vids and eating chocolate lol :happy:


    how r u today btw ? ;)

  2. ;)

    good choice too :D

    OMG i love it :D:matt:

    his eyes look so gorgeous in the pic u used :D they make my heart melt lol ;):p

    have u seen my graphics folder on here by the way ???? ;)


    how r u today by the way ? ;)

  3. ;) i've just been doing work on my alice in wonderland project and getting prepared for making my final piece ;):happy:



    thx lol ;)

    i know :( for the weekend i'm just going 2 be doing more work :( which sucks but it's got be done :p

    how has ur evening been btw ? ;)

  4. good choice ;) don't worry i know it's hard 2 choose :happy:

    i love all of muse's albums but if i had 2 choose i'd have 2 say origin of symmetry ;) mostly cause it includes Bliss my fave muse song ;)


    what is ur fave muse song btw ? ;)

  5. hey ;) no problem ;)

    thx ;) love from england :happy:


    by the way what is your favourite muse album? ;)

  6. hey ;) thx *hugs*


    i'm glad ur good ;) i'm ok thx ;) i'm super busy and a little tired though ;)


    ;) i love all muse songs but my faves off the top of my head r bliss,MK ultra ,futurism,citizen erased,hyper music ,hysteria and map of the problematique ;)


    r u on holiday atm btw ? ;)

  7. hey ;) i'm so sos 4 such a super late reply :( it's been a really busy/stressful last few days :(


    how have u been btw ? :)

    awesome song choices btw ;) i love all of those ;)

  8. omg ;)

    i'm ok thx ;) feeling really tired though :p

    btw did u get my last message on fb ? ;)

    btw i've also been meaning 2 ask u about where the pic is of me and u @ wembley is ???? i'm just curious that's all ;)

  9. hey ;) thanks for the invite ;)

    how r u btw ? ;)

  10. hey ;) sos 4 another late reply ;)

    it's a long story but it's mostly just a combination of several things over the year :( i'm feeling much better now though ;)


    i just slipped ,i don't even know how ,i just did :( hopefully i'll be going back 2 the hospital soon for more check-ups ;)


    aww ;)

    my week so far has been pretty dull 2 :( good news is i'm on holiday next week so that's keeping me going lol ;)

    how was ur day btw ? ;)

  11. hey ;) sos 4 another late reply :( it's been another long day :p

    my name on deviantart is hysteria6764 ;) but btw there's only one piece of my graphics work up on there lol ;)


    i really want 2 see them @ leeds fest if their playing ;)


    awesome ;)

    i've only seen them once but it was @ wembley on the 11th :D and they played my fave song bliss :happy: what's your fave muse song btw ? ;)


    lol that sounded fun ;)


    how was ur day btw ? ;)

  12. ;) iam but i'm never hardly on there ;)

    i really want 2 go see muse again but i'm skint atm which really sucks :p where did u see them btw ? ;)

    my day was ok thx ;) didn't get much work done though ,me and my friends just chatted and messed around all day lol ;)

  13. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply :(

    sounds good ;) i'm sure you'll have a great time ;)

    i just made 2 pieces of graphics work ,one is of matt and the other one is a resistance tour poster ;) i haven't uploaded the poster on here yet but i will soon ;)

    this week i'm not up 2 much ;) just college work mostly :p

    how was ur day btw ? ;)

  14. ;)

    mine was ok thx ;) i managed 2 get lots of graphics work done ;)

    what r ur plans 4 this week btw ? ;)

  15. ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)

    i'm ok thx ;) a little sleepy though :p;)

    how was ur weekend btw ? ;)

  16. hey ;) how r u today ? ;)

  17. ;) yeah ;) it's going 2 be mostly of the tour and a few bits of them on the road apparently ;)

    it should be out about christmas time ;) or as matt put it "i believe christmas is good for business"

    it's nice to meet u too Liv ;)

    btw i'm really sorry but i gtg :( it's really late here ;) but hopefully we'll chat more tomorrow ;)

    take care and speak soon ;)

  18. sorry 4 the late reply ;)

    lol i loved that bit ;) i can't wait til the tour dvd comes out ;)

    no problem ;)

    i'm Bridie btw ;)

  19. thx :)

    i love yours too ;) matt always makes me smile ;)

  20. hey ;)


    i've been having a really bad week :( all the stress from the last 2 years has finally caught up with me so now i'm feeling really miserable :( plus i slipped on my way 2 college today and i damaged my spine cause i landed on my coccyx :( sos 4 babbling btw ;)

    how was ur week btw ? ;)

  21. hey ;) no prob ;)

    i'm good thx ;) u ?

    btw i sent u a friend invite on youtube ;)

  22. hey ;) i'm so sorry 4 the late reply ;) it's been another stressful week :(

    anyway how have u been ? ;)

  23. ;)

    i hope they play it 2 ;) they probably will cause they played it @ wembley on the 10th ;)

    i'm sure you'll have an amazing time wether they play it or not ;)


    thx ;) it went really well despite the fact that 2 members of my group weren't there :p;)

    aww :( i'm sure you'll make some great friends soon ;)

    what r ur plans 4 the weekend btw ? ;)

  24. hey ;)

    sorry 4 another late reply :( it's been another stressful week so far again :(


    yeah ;) i still can't believe they played bliss :D


    college has been great so far thx ;) i've made loads of great new friends ;)

    i've got 2 do a presentation tomorrow though :p so i'm a little nervous ;)

    how's uni going btw ? ;)

  25. sorry 4 the late reply :( it's been a stressful week :(

    wembley was amazing however :D and they played my fave song ,Bliss :D

    i'm @ college atm ;) it's awesome ;)

    how have u been btw ? ;)

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