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  1. hey :happy:

    thx :D

    i love yours btw :awesome: i love matt's blue hair :happy:

    thx 4 the friend invite 2 btw :happy:


    what's ur fave muse album btw ? :happy:

  2. hey :happy:

    sos 4 the late reply ;)


    aww :happy: thx *hugs* ;) i will remember that :happy:


    lol ;) sounds good :happy: me 2 lol :happy:


    i've been ok thx :happy: been relaxing lots and eating and drinking way 2 much lol :LOL:

    and i've been doing lots of musey shopping with some of the money that i got 4 christmas :awesome::musesign::dance:


    how have u been lately btw ? :happy:

    what did u get for christmas ???? :happy:

  3. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)


    aww :( *hugs* don't worry there's a chance that he might not have asked her out :happy:


    awesome :awesome: no i haven't seen it yet but i think it's on iplayer so i'll watch it later :happy:


    how r u today btw ? :happy:

  4. Awesome :awesome: what albums btw ? ;)

    i have read it before but i wanted a copy 2 keep :) and i love it btw :awesome:

    aww :( *hugs* i'm sure that u do have a chance ;) don't give up :) *hugs*

    how r u btw ? :happy:

  5. Thx *hugs* :happy:

    aww :( *hugs* i hope u get some musey stuff on ur birthday :awesome::musesign:

    i'm ok thx :happy: just been relaxing and eating 2 much chocolate lol :happy:

    i got £170 ,lots of jewellery,chocolate,1984 and perfume ;) also i was going 2 be getting the hullabaloo dvd but everywhere here has sold out :'( but my mum says that she'll buy me a copy when she finds one :awesome:

    i think that i'll probs spend the money on musey things 2 and then save the rest 2 put towards a ticket for leeds fest next year :dance:

    sos 4 babbling btw ;)

    and btw that guy that i like i'm not fussed about anymore ;) if he felt as strongly about me as i feel about him he would be with me now and seeing as he isn't with me i guess that answers my question about how he feels about me ;) i want 2 have feelings for someone who feels exactly same about me otherwise their not worth the energy ;) u know what i mean right ????

    sos i'm babbling again ;)

  6. thx :awesome:

    lol :happy:

    it's the best gift that they could ever give :awesome: mostly cause it's all from the night i went on :awesome::dance:

    what r ur plans 4 christmas day btw ? ;)

  7. sos 4 the late reply ;)

    aww :( i hope u get a new one :D:happy:

    this year i really want the new xbox 2 ;) as well as hullabaloo :awesome:

    btw have u seen muse's christmas gift yet ? :happy: it's INCREDIBLE :awesome::dance::musesign:

  8. :awesome:

    i'm good thx :happy: very excited about christmas :) i hope i get lots of musey gifts :awesome::musesign::dance:

    what do u want 4 christmas btw ? :happy:

  9. hey ;)

    thx :D:awesome:

    merry christmas and a happy new year 2 u 2 :awesome::xmas:


    sos that i haven't been talking alot lately btw :(

    how have u been btw ? :happy:

  10. hey ;)

    sos 4 the late reply ;)

    no probs :happy: *hugs* i'm just sos that i can't help :(


    thx 4 understanding 2 btw :happy: *hugs*

    lately (well since last night) i've really started 2 realise how being this down is going 2 get me nowhere and that i really need 2 get my life on track and that i have some serious self healing 2 do lol ;)

    hopefully i'll be able 2 do it over the hols ;)

    how have u been btw ? :happy:

  11. hey :happy:

    sos 4 the late reply ;)

    thx *hugs* :happy:

    aww ;) at least u got home ;) one of my mums friends had 2 talk 20 miles in the snow just to get 2 the train station so that they could get home !!!!

    i'm so glad that i don't have 2 travel anywhere lol ;):happy:

    thx 4 understanding btw about the whole guy thing ;) *hugs*

    i've decided that i'm going 2 stop wining about all my probs cause it's going 2 get me nowhere and in the new year i'm gonna try and get my life on track ;)

    how have u been btw ? ;)

  12. aww :(

    i know that there r other girls who like the guy i like 2 :'( but i know that my feelings 4 him r much deeper and stronger than there's ;) they only want 2 sleep with him and the kind of relationship they'll have will probs last only a few months :( but i really thinks he's the one :happy: that's why i'm so upset atm and worried that he'll get with someone else :( and i know that will make me feel alot worse :'(


    i hope things work out the way u want them 2 *hugs*


    aww ;) i hope u get home :happy:


    i know it's stressful lol ;) especially when someone means so much 2 u and things don't go the way u want :( but we have 2 never give up and just stick with it ;) if its really meant 2 be it will be ;)


    sos i'm babbling again lol ;) u can probs tell from how much i'm writing how wound up iam about the whole situation :p

  13. aww :( that sucks :( *hugs*

    there's a guy that i like @ my college ;) we were really close about a week ago but lately we have barely spoken and the only conversation we have had lasted about 2 mins and only included wuu2 and how are u :( :'(

    i'd wish that he'd tell me what's up cause not talking 2 me is just making me feel worse :( sos 4 babbling btw :(

    how r u btw ? :happy:

  14. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply :(


    aww :( i have college tomorrow :p:( i'm really not enjoying it atm :( 1. because the project we're currently doing is dull 2. i'm still not sleeping well 3.because the last year has been awful from start 2 finish (apart from wembley obviously :awesome::musesign: ) and i't just left me feeling super stressed :( sos 4 babbling btw :( how was ur day btw ? :happy:

  15. aww :( *BigHugs*

    but i guess there's somethings that u just can't change :( i feel really sorry 4 u cause i know that it must be awful 4 u :(


    college is going ok 4 me but atm my depression is starting 2 come back cause of all the lack of sleep over the last 2 years :( plus this year hasn't been great 4 me in general :( my life has changed so much this year ( most of the time it changed even though i didn't want it 2 :( ) therefore it's just left me feeling like hell and everything seems a bit of a mess :( and because of that i'm getting 0% work done @ college :( sos 4 babbling btw :(

  16. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)

    atm i have no idea lol :happy: but i have a feeling that i'll be getting mostly musey gifts :awesome::musesign: u ? :happy:

  17. thx *hugs* me 2 :happy:

    this week will be my last week of college 2 :awesome: i can't wait 4 the holidays 2 start :dance:

    my day was ok thx :happy: just relaxed ;)

  18. :happy:

    awesome :awesome: i've finished decorating the tree ,so now i'm starting 2 feel really christmas :awesome::xmas:

    wuu2 btw ? :happy:

  19. hey ;) sos 4 another late reply lol ;)

    it's just cause of all the college work ,plus i haven't had alot of sleep lately :(

    how was ur day btw ? ;)

  20. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)

    i'm not sure,maybe :happy: i'm sure that on the dvd there will be a little bit of all the gigs from the tour ;) i'm just hoping that i'm not on the dvd cause i was really near the front and my hair was a mess lol :LOL:

    how r u btw ? :happy:

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