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    I'm Liv, 17, and I am a nice crazy girl :) that is totally in love with the music that surrounds her! Of course including the genius that is Muse!
    I'm very passionate, and I love my main course in collage, which is Music Technology! I hope to in the future get a career out of this field in life!

    I produce/ present my school's radio programme, and I am always showing them around the technology and the wonder which is Pro Tools! <3

    I also love, concerts, photography, random get togethers, camping out, my crazy ass friends who make me feel sane! drawing, singing, and just rocking out to some awesome music!! B) Woo!
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    Warrington, UK.
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    Music Technology & Production, Live Sound & Recording, Piano, Guitar, Bass! <3
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    College Student
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    Muse! Foo Fighters, Pendulum, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, Linkin Park.
  • Favourite Films
    The Butterfly Effect! Enemy at the Gates, Sex Drive, Mr & Mrs Smith, Ocean's Eleven, The Matrix, Inglorious Bastards, Memoirs of a Geisha..
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Jools Holland! Love it!

    Also, Lost, Live at Abbey Road :)

    Red Dwarf, Black Books, QI..
  • Favourite Books
    Blindsighted - By Karin Slaughter.
    I don't know what it is about murder tales and mystery that I find so intriguing!
  • Muse Releases Owned
    CDs - Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hulabaloo, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, Haarp, The Resistance.
    DVDs - Hulabaloo, Haarp, Resistance.
    Music tab books - Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, The Resistance.
    4 Muse T-shirts,
    Numerous posters &
    My lovely comfy hoody which I am in love with :)
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    05/11/09 - Liverpool Echo Arena, UK.
    04/09/10 - Manchester LCCC Ground, UK.
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  1. Yeah haha:) and since i sent that message in november ive had exams so i havent been on either.

    I really should take some time out and go round and have a chat to everyone!

    My christmas was wicked thanks, yours?

    So late haha:D

    I got an amazing muse necklace actually <3

  2. I'm not that familiar with basses so I had to Google that.. it looks awesome, so sleek and shiny. :D


    I did have a good Christmas! Got a ton of Doctor Who stuff, and I finally got Hullabaloo! I've wanted it for years! :D

    How was your Christmas? :)

  3. Aww :( Haha, good idea :chuckle:


    Nothing much. I've just been watchin 24 and HIMYM :p And discovered Tumblr. It's basically my new home :chuckle: How about you?

  4. Oh, wow! You´re in a band? That´s really good thing:D

    Aaah Chris...and his headbanging:chuckle:

    So finally, I decided to buy that cell phone...I have a friend who has a guitar, so I can practise there:happy:


    Yeah, exactly. Maybe they won´t be touring till baby won´t be older:( But I think she will be on maternity leave...so...I don´t know. But you know, Chris has 5 children and he is ok:happy:

  5. i believe in parallel universe!!

    There is so many things that we still don`t know! we must to have an "open mind"

  6. i don't live near a beach but a really dirty lake. we drive two and a half hours to get to the beach. it is still really hot here, what about there?

    Is it easter already? my next holz are in april along with easter and exams:(

    have a good week off, have a sleep in or 5 and stay up late and lsten to muse!:D

  7. I'm in love with my room now. I'm finally happy with it now :dance:


    I know!!! The faces are so hard!!!! :$

    I wish I could find a person wearing any Muse shirt here :( I wear it pretty much everywhere, but no one really notices :$

  8. Ah, I get it. What kind of Art do you have? I mean, making art yourself, or art history? Music Tech sounds very interesting. I think I am going to do English, though. First my bachelor, in the Netherlands and then my master in England :happy: You can manage the A!!!! *supports*

    I'm great! I hope you still are ^^

  9. wow awesome...i'd love to play an instrument, but dunno which, but i would prob start learning after all my GCSEs lol :LOL:

  10. I completely agree. There are actually only one or two modern bands that I actually like at all. Muse being the except of course :/


    I guess there are more Spanish speaking countries but I just adore the language of French, it's beautiful! I've ended up choosing that now but I wish I could do both but at A Level it'd be a bit much :p

  11. hey ;)

    it's a long story but basically a girl who i thought was my friend is going out with a guy i really like even though she's knows how i feel about him and she said that she didn't like him :'(

    i'm glad that ur good :happy: *hugs*


    i'm ok thx ;) very shattered and exhausted though :( it's been a very long week cause everyday i have 2 see her and him kissing etc. :'( it just really stresses me out :( good news is that he says he's happy and honestly that's all i really care about ;)

    sos 4 babbling btw :(

  12. Ahhhhaaa, it doesn't matter!! :chuckle: Aww, what's been up? :(

    I shall m'dear! :D


    Been fine thanks :) how about you?

  13. Wooo for bassyness! :D I love it, I do backing vocals in my band too, great fun!! :happy: I r like Chris, yeeey!!

    Ooo, yey guitar!!

    Hahah, :chuckle: exactly!


    - Exactly what I thought, he is such a child, and we love him for it! :D I doubt he will ever really grow up, but will have responsibilities, but what will they do with the kid, when he's touring? And she is in films? :( That's what I worry about.

  14. Ahh, it's fine, I think if you are in to their kind of music! :) I'd say maybe try the... Album.

    Awww, I have a week off after today for Easter! :happy: And it couldn't come soon enough! I wish I lived near a nice beach, all horrible here!! :( It sucks!

    Aww haha, I see how happy you are! :p

    You too!! :)

  15. No :/ I had a really tiny Asus eee pc, which wasn't much use anyway, and it broke :erm: Aww, well that's good! I am trying to find a job so that I can pay for one! :chuckle:


    Reaaly? Mine have never given me the money for them, but expect them none the less xD

    Well, your parents are trying to do what's best, so that's good! :happy: I hope mine are as kind to me! :chuckle:


    Thank you so much! :D <3

    Haha, aww :p oo, well sounds interesting!! :)

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