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  1. :happy:

    yeah and from the fact that i haven't been sleeping well lately and many other things but it would take me forever 2 explain :(

    i'm glad that ur good btw ;) i'm ok thx ;) surviving lol :happy:

    what r ur plans 4 this weekend btw? ;)

  2. hey ;) i'm so sos 4 another super late reply :(

    this week has been so stressful 4 me :(

    how have u been btw ? ;)

  3. hey ;) i'm so sos 4 such an late reply :(

    it's been a really busy and stressful week 4 me again :(

    that sounded fun ;) my halloween was ok thx ;) didn't do much though ,just relaxed lol :happy:

    how have u been btw ? ;)

  4. aww ;) *hugs*

    that is too long lol ;)

    awesome ;) my day was ok thx ;) i'm really tired atm cause of all the work ,i keep on drifting off lol ;) so sos if my replies r late or if u don't get any lol ;)

    what r u up 2 tomorrow btw ? ;)

  5. ;) i'm doing a course in art and design ;) i'm really enjoying it atm despite how tiring it is :p

    my day was ok thx ;) mostly did work :p (and still am lol ;) )

    how was ur halloween btw ? ;)

  6. hey :)

    ;) i'm good 2 thx :happy: it's been a long day 4 me though and i'm really tired cause i've been super busy with college work ;)

    how was ur day btw ? ;)

  7. hey :happy:

    i'm glad that ur good ;)

    i'm good 2 thx ;) a little sleepy though cause i've been doing college work all day :(

    how was ur day btw ? ;)

  8. hey ;)

    it's ok :happy: i've been super busy 2 and still am lol ;)

    i'm going 2 be having my physiotherapy soon so i'm hoping that will help ;)

    how have u been btw? :happy:

  9. awesome :D

    tomorrow i might be going out with some friends in the evening :) but it depends on how much work i get done and how i feel cause i haven't been feeling so great lately cause of all the stress :(


    btw i'm really sos but i gtg cause i'm really shattered and i have lots more work to do tomorrow ;)

    take care though and speak soon :happy: *hugs*

  10. ;) my legs were killing me too lol :happy: i could barely walk the next day :LOL:

    aww :(

    my fave songs from the night were bliss because Matt did the best bliss falsetto ever :D:matt: ,undisclosed desires cause it was the first time i had seen them properly all night and i was really close 2 them and dom smiled at me a little bit lol ;) and supermassive blackhole cause matt's kaoss pad solo was amazing :D


    the whole gig was amazing and extremely over whelming 4 me cause it was my first ever muse gig :D and seeing as it was my first it will always be the most special :happy:

    sos 4 my babbling btw ;) i always do that when i'm sleepy lol ;)


    btw iam off 2 bed now cause i'll probs have another late night tomorrow and i've got lots of work to do as well :p

    but it's been awesome chatting and i promise that i'll chat more tomorrow :happy:

    take care and speak soon ;)

  11. ;) i know what u mean :happy: even though i was shattered by the time they played knights (that was probs because i'd been up since 5am and hadn't eaten all day :p ) i still found energy 2 jump around like mad @ the riff @ the end lol ;)

    bliss was amazing 2 ;) before they played it matt kept on playing the occasional note ,so me and my friends weren't 100% sure if it was bliss or not lol :) it was pure torture haha :happy:

    what were ur fave songs from the night btw ? ;)

  12. ;) yeah ,it was great having sometime 2 reflect over the last few months ;) i really needed that ;)


    ;) it was really sunny here earlier today ;) i hope it's like that tomorrow cause i'm hopefully off out with a few friends in the afternoon :happy:

    what r u up 2 tomorrow by the way ? ;)

  13. aww ;) *hugs*

    what r u up 2 tomorrow btw ? ;)

  14. ;)

    yes i did ;) i saw them @ wembley on the 11th :D it was incredible ;) it's also the reason why i love uprising so much atm ;) as soon as they started playing it started 2 rain lol ;) luckily after it stopped ;)

    the setlist 4 that night was so perfect :happy:

    i really want 2 muse live again :( i miss being @ wembley so much :( i didn't want that night 2 end :'( :supersad:

  15. thx :happy:

    awesome choices ;)

    OMG you'll never believe this but their my faves atm 2 lol :happy::LOL:

  16. lol :happy:

    good choices ;)

    mine is origin of symmetry :happy:

    what r ur fave muse songs btw ? ;)

  17. ;)


    lol :happy:

    mine has been ok thx ;) just been listening 2 music and chatting 2 friends ;) i'm a little tired though cause i've been working on my sketch book solidly ever since i got up lol :happy: and i still have loads more to do tomorrow :p

  18. hey ;) no problem :happy:

    what's ur fave muse album btw ? ;)

  19. lol ;) i'm jealous :happy:


    i can't wait :happy:

    how has ur evening been btw ? ;)

  20. thx :happy: *hugs*

    my fave pizza is ham and pineapple lol :happy: what's ur's btw ? ;)


    awesome ;) i'd love 2 see some sometime ;)

  21. ;)

    thx :happy: *hugs*

    i'm ok thx ;) i'm a little sad that my holidays r coming 2 an end though :(

    how has ur evening been by the way ? ;)

  22. ;) i making a A4 sized playing card made out of several layers of acetate with images printed on ;)

    then i'll put a light either underneath or behind 2 shine through to make the images glow :happy:

    i'll try and put a pic of it on here when it's finished in a few weeks :happy:

    yummy :happy:

    i'm ok thx ;) i'm just doing more sketch book work today :p but i have 2 get it done and it's actually really not that bad (luckily) ;)

  23. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)


    it's no prob :happy:


    i'm good thx ;) a little tired though lol ;)

    u ?

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