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  1. Hi Tom :) i know there's a huge chnace that you won't read or see this but i'd really appreciate it if you just took 2 seconds to look at some of my graphics work.I twould mean alot to me plus i would really love it if i could get your permission as well as the band's to maybe start selling my artwork for the 2nd Law






    many thanks


  2. hey :) iam so so sorry for such a super late reply *lotsofhugs*,things have been bit stressful lately :( it's hard to explain.

    im ok thanks :) feeling a bit down though :( how have you been ? :)

  3. omg ,im so sorry again (even though you told me not to be :happy: ) *hugs*

    Im glad that you're good :) Amazing :awesome: i managed to get a ticket for manchester in the pre-sale :dance: im ridiculosily happy :D How have you been lately btw ? :) *hugs*

  4. Hey :) don't be sorry :) im sorry for mine *hugs* i'm filling in an application for a jewelery shop atm :) Hopefully i'll get the job :happy: it's the only one i could find where i live that i actually want to do :)

    awesome :happy: im glad that you're good :)

    im good too thanks :) busy as always ,still got a few things to set up before my final show ,but hopefull it'll all go well :)

    you ? :)

  5. hey :) it's ok ,im so sorry for mine ,been very busy with my final project for college :( *hugs*

    im okay now :) well alot better than i was thanks :)

    awesome :)

    im glad that you're good :) i've been ok thanks :) been trying to avoid stress mostly and been working on my final college project and been trying to sort out getting a job for when i leave college in the next few months :) so to summarize so pretty busy haha :p what have you been up to lately ? :)

  6. hey :) don't be sorry ,im sorry for mine again too haha :)

    that's good :) i wish i could at least have that ,im ok now ,sort of but i still don't know why he's done everything that he has cause it really doesn't make any sense :/

    im glad that you had a good christmas :awesome: cool :happy: what make is it ? :) mine was great thanks ,just spent it with my family :happy: got a new SLR and the muse photography book :awesome: as well as a few other things :)

    how are you today btw ? :happy:

  7. thanks :happy: *hugs*hope you have a very happy new year too *hugs* :happy: (sorry for the late reply btw :( )

  8. Hey :) it's ok *hugs* sorry for my late reply too :)

    aww *hugs* :( i thought i had someone,everything was perfect (and he was a muser :) ) ,then he just stopped talking too me and are now he's with someone else ,i really don't understand what happened :'( sorry for babbling ;)

    im glad that you're good though btw :) apart from what i've already said im ok thanks ,feeling a bit down though :(

    aww thanks *hugs* how was your christmas btw ? :) what did you get ? :happy:

  9. hey :) don't be sorry :) im sorry for mine :(

    awesome :) my parents want to move to italy in the next year or 2 :) i might be going with them cause i've always wanted to live there :)

    im glad that your good :happy: *hugs* i've been ok thanks :) very very busy with college atm thoughand feeling a bit down cause im still single :/ but im good lol ;) how are you today btw ? :)

  10. hey :) it's ok :happy: *hugs* don't be sorry , im sorry for mine ;)

    :) what's your favourite place in italy btw ? :)

    i saw panic at the disco,interpol,we are the ocean and elbow too :) elbow were definitely my favourite though :awesome:

    aww that sucks *hugs* :(

    im ok thanks :happy: feeling a bit ill and down atm though but im good ;)

    you ? :)

  11. hey :) sorry for another late reply :( *hugs*

    :) i'd love to go to italy some day :) can't believe that i've never been there before

    i hope you get to go there again soon :happy:

    yes i did :awesome: it was amazing and had a really awesome atmosphere ;) i saw so many bands (including muse obviously :awesome::musesign: ) it did rain all day however :( but after a few hours you didn't really mind haha ;)


    awesome :) that's great news :) *hugs*

    im ok thanks :happy: my holiday is almost over though which sucks :(

    how are you today btw ?

  12. sorry for another late reply ;) *hugs*

    wow they are so lucky ,i haven't been any where this holiday haha :) maybe next year :happy:

    my holiday is going good thanks :) finally got my leeds fest plans sorted :happy: apart from that im just doing drawings and graphics work for my college holiday sketch book :happy:

    how are you today btw ? :happy:

  13. don't be sorry :)

    haha :happy: i'd probably be the same ;)


    i'm glad that your good :) i've been ok thanks :) still relaxing and taking it easy :) how is your holiday going btw ? :) got anything good planned?

  14. hey :) sorry for another late reply :( *hugs*


    it starts on the 27th so there's not long to go til it's on again ;)

    awesome :awesome: how did it go ? :) i wish i could surf , i would give it ago but i don't live close enough to the beach haha ;)


    lately i've just been doing graphics work ,bit of video editing ,getting excited for leeds fest :dance:

    how are you today btw ? :)

  15. hey :):happy:

    im glad that your good :) good to hear that your operation went well too btw ;) *hugs*

    yes i have seen it :) loved it too :D felt like crying during parts of it though :(


    im getting so excited about leeds fest :awesome:,the day after doctor who starts again so i have 2 things to look forward to that weekend :happy:

    what have you been up to lately btw ? :)

  16. hey :) im so sorry for such a late reply :( *hugs*

    i've been ok thanks,enjoying my summer hols still :happy:

    btw my leeds ticket arrived so im very happy and excited too atm :musesign::dance:

    how are u ? :)

    have u seen harry potter yet ?

  17. hey :)

    that sounds awesome :happy:

    im just going 2 be filling my sketch book ,relaxing lots and lots ,seeing the last harry potter film and then near the end of the holiday im off to leeds fest (just for friday though :happy: ) i hope my ticket arrives in time :)

    how have u been lately btw ? ;)

  18. hey ;) im so sorry 4 my late reply :)

    im glad that ur exams are finally over :) i know that it's a great feeling :happy:

    im glad that ur good 2 ,sos 2 hear that u have to have another operation soon though :( i hope it goes well ;) *hugs*

    i've been ok thanks :) finished college on friday so i've been relaxing lots and unwinding :happy: got any good plans for this holiday btw ? :)

  19. hey :) sorry 4 the late reply ;)

    i know :( hopefully it'll be worth the wait :)

    im glad that ur exams r going well btw:)

    how have u been btw ? :happy:

  20. hey ;) it's ok ,i understand that you've been busy revising ;) hope it's going well :happy:

    sos 4 my late reply 2 ;)

    aww :( i didn't miss it but im still super confused lol :happy:


    i'm glad that you've been good and that ur exams r going well ,i hope that continues ;) i've been ok 2 thanks ,just been relaxing mostly and finishing of my latest muse vid ;)

    what exams have u got left btw ? :)

  21. it's ok :)

    i loved last nights episode ;)

    aww thanks *hugs* im sure i will be in the end ;)


    don't worry *hugs* im sure that you'll do fine ;)

    how r today btw ? :happy:

  22. hey ;) sos for my late reply 2 :(

    me too :D though like you said it is quite confusing :p


    awesome :) mine would have 2 be matt smith or david tennant ;) i can't decide lol , i like them both for different reasons ;)


    i'm ok thanks ;) getting slightly more stressed lately though from college :'( it's a long story :(

    anyway how are you ? :happy:

  23. hey ;)

    awesome :D shame that you have school tomorrow though :( today im just relaxing again ,doing video editing and stuff ;)

    i loved it :happy: i have a feeling that this series is going to be epic :D who is your favourite doctor btw ? ;)

    btw do u have tumblr ? ;) sorry for the random question ;)

  24. hey ;) it's ok lol :happy: im sorry too ;)

    awesome :) im enjoying the lovely weather too ;) just been relaxing mostly and trying to do as little as possible :happy:

    wuu2 today ? ;)

    did u watch doctor who last night btw ? :)

  25. hey ;) it's ok ;) sorry for my late reply too ;) my computers internet hasn't been working lately :(

    how have u been ? :happy:

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