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  1. Hi Tom :) i know there's a huge chnace that you won't read or see this but i'd really appreciate it if you just took 2 seconds to look at some of my graphics work.I twould mean alot to me plus i would really love it if i could get your permission as well as the band's to maybe start selling my artwork for the 2nd Law






    many thanks


  2. hey :) iam so so sorry for such a super late reply *lotsofhugs*,things have been bit stressful lately :( it's hard to explain.

    im ok thanks :) feeling a bit down though :( how have you been ? :)

  3. omg ,im so sorry again (even though you told me not to be :happy: ) *hugs*

    Im glad that you're good :) Amazing :awesome: i managed to get a ticket for manchester in the pre-sale :dance: im ridiculosily happy :D How have you been lately btw ? :) *hugs*

  4. Hey :) don't be sorry :) im sorry for mine *hugs* i'm filling in an application for a jewelery shop atm :) Hopefully i'll get the job :happy: it's the only one i could find where i live that i actually want to do :)

    awesome :happy: im glad that you're good :)

    im good too thanks :) busy as always ,still got a few things to set up before my final show ,but hopefull it'll all go well :)

    you ? :)

  5. hey :) it's ok ,im so sorry for mine ,been very busy with my final project for college :( *hugs*

    im okay now :) well alot better than i was thanks :)

    awesome :)

    im glad that you're good :) i've been ok thanks :) been trying to avoid stress mostly and been working on my final college project and been trying to sort out getting a job for when i leave college in the next few months :) so to summarize so pretty busy haha :p what have you been up to lately ? :)

  6. hey :) don't be sorry ,im sorry for mine again too haha :)

    that's good :) i wish i could at least have that ,im ok now ,sort of but i still don't know why he's done everything that he has cause it really doesn't make any sense :/

    im glad that you had a good christmas :awesome: cool :happy: what make is it ? :) mine was great thanks ,just spent it with my family :happy: got a new SLR and the muse photography book :awesome: as well as a few other things :)

    how are you today btw ? :happy:

  7. thanks :happy: *hugs*hope you have a very happy new year too *hugs* :happy: (sorry for the late reply btw :( )

  8. Hey :) it's ok *hugs* sorry for my late reply too :)

    aww *hugs* :( i thought i had someone,everything was perfect (and he was a muser :) ) ,then he just stopped talking too me and are now he's with someone else ,i really don't understand what happened :'( sorry for babbling ;)

    im glad that you're good though btw :) apart from what i've already said im ok thanks ,feeling a bit down though :(

    aww thanks *hugs* how was your christmas btw ? :) what did you get ? :happy:

  9. hey :) don't be sorry :) im sorry for mine :(

    awesome :) my parents want to move to italy in the next year or 2 :) i might be going with them cause i've always wanted to live there :)

    im glad that your good :happy: *hugs* i've been ok thanks :) very very busy with college atm thoughand feeling a bit down cause im still single :/ but im good lol ;) how are you today btw ? :)

  10. hey :) it's ok :happy: *hugs* don't be sorry , im sorry for mine ;)

    :) what's your favourite place in italy btw ? :)

    i saw panic at the disco,interpol,we are the ocean and elbow too :) elbow were definitely my favourite though :awesome:

    aww that sucks *hugs* :(

    im ok thanks :happy: feeling a bit ill and down atm though but im good ;)

    you ? :)

  11. hey :) sorry for another late reply :( *hugs*

    :) i'd love to go to italy some day :) can't believe that i've never been there before

    i hope you get to go there again soon :happy:

    yes i did :awesome: it was amazing and had a really awesome atmosphere ;) i saw so many bands (including muse obviously :awesome::musesign: ) it did rain all day however :( but after a few hours you didn't really mind haha ;)


    awesome :) that's great news :) *hugs*

    im ok thanks :happy: my holiday is almost over though which sucks :(

    how are you today btw ?

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