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    film and editing ,photography,graphics
    and my tumblr blog is http://blissfulparanoia.tumblr.com/
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    red hot chilli peppers,florence and the machine,vicky cryer,Eels,beck,the black keys,kaiser chiefs,oasis,
    arctic monkeys,millionaire,wolfmother,last of the shadow puppets,led zeppelin,cage the elephant,rage against the machine,two door cinema club,friendly fires ,hurts,elbow,pink floyd,seasick steve,justice ,depeche mode, Nirvana ,the kooks ,klaxons,the who,vampire weekend,kasabian,gorillaz and the strokes(as well as many others but it would take ages to list every single one )
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    get him to the greek,spirited away,hullabaloo ,H.A.A.R.P.,the dark knight,equilibrium,casino royale,Bourne trilogy ,the hangover
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    life on mars,ashes to ahses ,sherlock ,doctor who,black books,the office,mock the week,have i got news for you
    never mind the buzzcocks
    later live with jools holland
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    The 2nd law (+ DVD)
    origin of symmetry x2(one is an original and one is new)
    showbiz(one is an original and one is new)
    Blackholes and revelations
    the resistance
    hullabaloo(one is original and one is new)
    dead star/in your world single CD
    supermassive black hole single
    origin of symmetry vinyl
    showbiz vinyl
    making of absolution dvd x3
    undisclosed logo jun-sept '10 black tour hoody
    play piano with muse
    plectrum necklace
    Absolution tour DVD
    knights of cydonia picture vinyl
    invincible picture vinyl
    starlight picture vinyl
    dead star/in your world vinyl
    hullabaloo DVD
    time is running out single
    bliss single
    photography book
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    wembley 11th sept 2010
    leeds fest 26th august 2011
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  1. I completely forgot that I hadn't replied, I'm so sorry!

    I hope you're feeling less stressed and a lot better lately :) Hope you're okay now? *hugs*

    I'm okay thanks, looking forward to xmas and having a break, but I have so much revision to do for January exams...

  2. Hi Tom :) i know there's a huge chnace that you won't read or see this but i'd really appreciate it if you just took 2 seconds to look at some of my graphics work.I twould mean alot to me plus i would really love it if i could get your permission as well as the band's to maybe start selling my artwork for the 2nd Law






    many thanks


  3. hey :) iam so so sorry for such a super late reply *lotsofhugs*,things have been bit stressful lately :( it's hard to explain.

    im ok thanks :) feeling a bit down though :( how have you been ? :)

  4. Ahaha don't be, but I'm sorry for mine again. :p

    Ahh brilliant! We both get a Musey Autumn this year then. :D

    I'm pretty good taa, enjoying being exam free, even though I'm back at school for a week or two to start my A2s, but it's okay. How are you? :) *returns hugs*

  5. omg ,im so sorry again (even though you told me not to be :happy: ) *hugs*

    Im glad that you're good :) Amazing :awesome: i managed to get a ticket for manchester in the pre-sale :dance: im ridiculosily happy :D How have you been lately btw ? :) *hugs*

  6. Ahh don't be sorry either! :)

    Ahh fingers crossed for you then, I hope you can get it. :)


    Ahh, I hope it all goes well for you. :)

    I'm pretty good again, thank you! Managed to get tickets to the Birmingham gig! :awesome: Did you manage to get tickets for the UK at all? :)

  7. Hey :) don't be sorry :) im sorry for mine *hugs* i'm filling in an application for a jewelery shop atm :) Hopefully i'll get the job :happy: it's the only one i could find where i live that i actually want to do :)

    awesome :happy: im glad that you're good :)

    im good too thanks :) busy as always ,still got a few things to set up before my final show ,but hopefull it'll all go well :)

    you ? :)

  8. Hello :) hey it's fine, sorry for mine yet again. :p *returns hugs* I hope your final project is going well. :)

    Oh good, glad to hear it!

    Ahh right, have you managed to find a job yet? :)


    I'm pretty good thanks! Finished my AS's and have 3 weeks off now before I start my A2's, including plenty of house parties and my birthday in this time. :p Just ready for summer really now. :)

    How are you? :)

  9. hey :) it's ok ,im so sorry for mine ,been very busy with my final project for college :( *hugs*

    im okay now :) well alot better than i was thanks :)

    awesome :)

    im glad that you're good :) i've been ok thanks :) been trying to avoid stress mostly and been working on my final college project and been trying to sort out getting a job for when i leave college in the next few months :) so to summarize so pretty busy haha :p what have you been up to lately ? :)

  10. Hey I'm so sorry for not replying, I'm so busy!

    The male gender are so confusing :p I hope you're okay properly now. :)

    Oh god has it been that long since I last replied? Christmas time-ish? My acoustic is a Freshman :) And I'm glad you had a nice Christmas too. ;)

    I'm quite okay thank you, just got so much going on, as usual. How about you? :)

  11. hey :) don't be sorry ,im sorry for mine again too haha :)

    that's good :) i wish i could at least have that ,im ok now ,sort of but i still don't know why he's done everything that he has cause it really doesn't make any sense :/

    im glad that you had a good christmas :awesome: cool :happy: what make is it ? :) mine was great thanks ,just spent it with my family :happy: got a new SLR and the muse photography book :awesome: as well as a few other things :)

    how are you today btw ? :happy:

  12. Hey it's okay, sorry for mine too again. :p *returns hugs*

    Don't be sorry, I understand how you feel :( ...the one I liked was a muser as well. We're still friends and I'm glad, we seem to be getting along well, so I guess it'd be better if we stay that way...

    :( I hope you're okay, hopefully 2012 can be a good fresh start. :)

    My Christmas was lovely thank you! It's always such a laugh with my family :LOL: I got a new acoustic guitar :awesome: it's lovely :D How about you?

  13. thanks :happy: *hugs*hope you have a very happy new year too *hugs* :happy: (sorry for the late reply btw :( )

  14. Hey :) it's ok *hugs* sorry for my late reply too :)

    aww *hugs* :( i thought i had someone,everything was perfect (and he was a muser :) ) ,then he just stopped talking too me and are now he's with someone else ,i really don't understand what happened :'( sorry for babbling ;)

    im glad that you're good though btw :) apart from what i've already said im ok thanks ,feeling a bit down though :(

    aww thanks *hugs* how was your christmas btw ? :) what did you get ? :happy:

  15. Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! :xmas:

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