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  1. awesome :awesome:

    well the hullabaloo dvd ,the plectrum necklace ,bliss vinyl and maybe a few books (including 1984) 2 ;):happy:

    i might be getting a new muse t-shirt 2 :awesome: so mostly just musey things :happy:

    i was really hoping that the resistance tour dvd would be out 4 christmas :( but i asked in HMV and apparently it's not coming out til next year :( but at least it's on it's way :happy:

  2. thx :awesome: *hugs* :happy:


    lol :happy: my tree is also huge lol ,it's about 6/7 ft tall ! :happy: so there's alot of decorating 2 be done :happy:

    i can't wait 4 christmas 2 :happy: it's mostly cause i've asked 4 lots of musey gifts :awesome::musesign:

    what do u want 4 christmas btw ? :happy:

  3. aww ;) i'm so nervous waiting 2 find out the results :p luckily i only have about 4 days 2 wait til they announce the winners :happy:

    i'll upload it on here and on my youtube channel when the completion closes ;)

    btw my parents have just brought back our christmas tree :awesome::dance::xmas: so i'll be decorating fairly soon :awesome:

    sos 4 babbling btw :happy:

  4. :happy:

    i haven't been up 4 that long ,so all i've done is check my messages and listen 2 music lol :p but now i'm about 2 do some more muse graphics work :happy::awesome: ever since i made a bg 4 the muse.mu competition i've been doing alot more graphics :happy:

    sos that i'm babbling :p:happy:


    did u enter the competition btw ? :happy:

  5. awesome :awesome::happy: hopefully i'll be putting up mine soon :happy:

    i'm glad ur good btw :happy:

    how has ur day been so far btw ? :happy:

  6. sos 4 the late reply :happy:

    i love it 2 lol :happy::LOL:

    i loved the triple j interview so much :happy::awesome: i listened 2 it yesterday when i was walking 2 my friends house,i tried so hard not 2 laugh out loud but sometimes it was just 2 difficult :p:happy:

    i really with there were some vids of these interviews :happy:

    anyways how r u today ? :happy:

  7. Thx :happy: *hugs*


    i'm so jealous that ur on ur christmas hols now :happy:


    i'm ok thx :happy: feeling really exhausted and a bit ill though :( but my hols start next friday so i have that 2 look forward 2 :awesome::dance:

    how was ur day btw ? :happy:

  8. good choice ;):dance:

    mine would have 2 be origin of symmetry or hullabaloo :happy: but i obviously love them all :happy::awesome:

    what r ur hobbies btw ? :happy:

  9. :awesome: i haven't listened 2 that one yet but i probs will later :happy:

    i'm glad ur good btw :happy:

    btw u have 2 check out the Nova FM radio interview :happy: matt made me laugh so much lol :LOL:

  10. awesome choices :dance::D

    mine would have to be fury ;)

    what's u fave album btw ? :happy:

    sos 4 all the questions btw :p;)

  11. me 2 lol :happy::dance:

    awesome :D

    how r u today btw ? :happy:

  12. aww ;) *hugs* i haven't fallen over yet lol but i have a feeling that i probs will now lol knowing my luck ;)

    i've been ok thx ;) counting down the days til the holidays lol :happy: i can't wait 2 start relaxing :happy:

    how was ur day btw ?


  13. hey :happy:

    no probs ;)

    what's ur fave muse b-side btw? :happy:

  14. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)

    it's because i've had insomnia for 2 years :( :'( it makes u really stressed cause ur not getting hardly any sleep :( in my cause it's been 1-2 hours or nothing :(

    anyways enough about that :happy: how have u been btw ? ;)

  15. hey :happy: sos 4 the late reply ;)

    lol :happy: sounds good ;)

    over the holidays i'm planning on doing .......nothing lol :happy::dance:

    i think relaxing will be the best thing 2 do over the hols cause i haven't relaxed for almost 2 years :(:p

    how was ur day btw ? :happy:

  16. hey ;)

    sos 4 the late reply :(

    still feeling exhausted and a little stressed but luckily i've got the day off cause it's snowing alot here :happy: so today is going ok so far cause i finally have a day 2 relax a bit :dance::happy:

    how have u been btw ? :happy:

  17. hey :happy:

    it's ok :happy:

    college has and still is super busy 4 me atm :( can't wait 4 the hols 2 :dance:

    i've been ok thx :happy: feeling a little tired though :p;)

    what r ur plans 4 today btw ? :happy:

  18. i'm glad ur good :happy:

    i'm ok thx :happy: feeling a little exhausted even though i took the day off college lol ;) there was a protest in my town so i went 2 join in 4 a little while then i felt a bit ill and spent the rest of the day @ my friends house feeling like hell :( but it was better than college :happy:

    how was ur day btw ? :happy:

  19. aww *hugs* i'm glad u had a good day ;)

    my day was ok thx ;)

    how r u btw ? :happy:

  20. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply :(

    i just had a bad day that's all :( it was just one of those days that didn't go right no matter what i did :(

    aww *hugs* :happy:

    how was ur day btw ? :happy:

  21. thx *hugs* :happy:

    now i'm super excited lol :happy: i know i'm sad lol :p;)

  22. cool :happy:

    no :( i didn't :( where can i see it ? :happy:

  23. aww ;) thx *hugs* :happy:

    awesome :happy: i love Russell howard lol :happy:

    my weekend is going ok thx :happy: just taking things easy today :happy: all i've done is watch doctor who and listened 2 music cause i only got up a few hours ago lol :happy:

    what r ur plans 4 this evening btw ? :happy:

  24. aww :( *bigHugs*

    i had a bad day yesterday 2 :( no matter what i did things still went wrong :( but today is a new day so i'm gonna try and have a positive attitude :happy: (i know i sound stupid saying that lol :happy::p )

    how r u today btw ? :happy:

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