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    I'm yadira, you can call me yadi. i'm 26, i love video games, and i've listened to muse since i was 12. wassup.
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    4/14/2010 - Oracle Arena; Oakland California

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  1. Thanks! 😊 I've always traveled the day of the concert so I've arrived to the line at around 10 am, but this time I'm staying in an air bnb so I'll be able to line up as early as possible. My friend and I are short so we are definitely aiming for barrier spots! lol No earlier than 9ish am?
  2. Hey all! It's been years since I used this forum, last I seen Muse was in 2011 so I'm super pumped for this show! I had a question, how early are y'all GA ticket people gonna start lining up?
  3. if anyone's got GA tickets they don't want (for some insane reason, i know), please message me on here or facebook. hoping for some miracle at this point, but please & thanks
  4. i know it's a longshot with the show so close but if anyone has GA tickets that for some crazy reason they don't need, please PM me or message me on facebook. i would greatly appreciate it. a friend and i realized we could make it at the last minute, and we're hoping to find something. so please, please, please. and thank you.
  5. Oooh is that Julian Casablancas as your avatar??? ;)

  6. really happy for everyone that got their tickets today. hope you have a blast. and thanks for the info on the one day passes. looks i'm waiting for those, if there is any, instead.
  7. i'm new to this whole festival thing as well. this will be my first festival if i go. how likely is it that they'll release one-day passes? i can't do 3-day because the friends i'm going with start school the monday after the weekend and they can't stay for the third day. and i'm really only interested in seeing muse. help?
  8. hey ;) how have u been ? ;)

  9. hi,,eli

    your welcome...

  10. it was an actual relief that they weren't actually "dancing." i was sort of terrified before the show when i'd heard there would be dancers. but i actually believe this performance had more impact on terms of protestors. the intro to the stadium shows is just awesome in my opinion as well, but i kind of seen it as people just standing around not doing much but waving around flags compared to the moving protestors on stage at the grammys. it showed more people in action actually causing an "uprising" and "rising up to take the power back." though i didn't like how well choreographed they looked altogether. too rehearsed. would've liked it better if they had been a bit more messy. that part at the end with the flaming towers was amazing though. gave a real sense of revolution. i think of matt hadn't been so nervous, it definitely wouldn't have looked so awkward.
  11. hey :happy: sos 4 my late reply ;)

    don't worry i understand ;)

    awesome :awesome: i've been watching alot lately 2 ;) i can't wait 4 the new series 2 start :happy:

    college is going ok thx :happy: been a bit stressed lately though ,it's a long story but basically a new girl came 2 my college and i thought she was my friend but now she's going out with the guy i love even though she knows how i feel about him and said that she didn't like him :'(

    sos 4 babbling :(

    how have u been btw ? :happy:

  12. hellooo :dance:

    I have told u u shouldn't worry about that, DW marathons sound epic. I had Misfits marathons during the exams :rolleyes:


    My exams are over and I'm freee. Classes start on Monday. I passed 5/7 and we're waiting for the results of the other two. Topography is a class I have and I hadn't studied at all, so I didn't pass :noey: But who cares? :chuckle:


    I doubt I will find tickets, I only hope they'll film it so I can enjoy Catherine and David in action :happy:


    it would be lovely right? :LOL: But no. from the spoiler pics I've found, he wears almost the same clothes.

    The Lodger you mean? I prefered the bit when he comes out of the shower :eyebrows:

    :awesome: I think I'd do the same... 'talks to kids' "you can have your icecream if you watch today's DW,I've already told you we shouldn't skip episodes"


    I've been fine really, exams are over, projects are over and we started going to the cafes like we did before Christmas. We'll start going to the gym together. It's going to be fun :LOL:

    How about you? Apart from the DW marathons how have you been? You have a lot to do for uni? :(

  13. Haha I know...we're finally matching! I'll never take it off now! :LOL::ninja: (especially after it cost me $60) :$


    Oh and jeez I know :rolleyes:...MeerGerms clearly knows nothing Muse related! That poor poor Muse deprived boy! :( Dom will not be pleased... :noey:


    Well anyhoooooo what you up to you whovian geek??? haha :p



  14. heyyy. sorry i took forever to reply on here!

    but yeah, i ended up giving the hoodie to my little bro. but i think you already noticed that. :rolleyes:


    you bought a leopard print bra!? :awesome: now we can match! :D


    and germs is WRONG. :phu: dom doesn't wear leopard print bras, he only wears leopard print everything else. :phu:


    my avatar is the doctor's sonic screwdriver and the watch that can make him human. :awesome:

    *iz a whovian geek now* :chuckle:

  15. helloo there. :)

    sorry for the super late reply. uni's been keeping me busy like HELL. :indiff: but i've finally had some time to relax.

    also, i got my roommate hooked on doctor who so we've been having marathons lately and that's been taking away some time as well. :chuckle:


    how's uni going now? well i hope! :happy:

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