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    I’ve spoken to two people who have 28 and said it bugged and duplicated one answer...
  2. Tellyn

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    I have 16 and I’m currently 29th on the leaderboard.
  3. So I managed to get in about 10 minutes before they came out! Added my name to the waiting list at 2pm (luckily I was already on the Metro), came back at 8pm and they eventually started reading out names for extra tickets. Awesome night, and an unexpected bonus for some of the fans screwed over by the horrible FNAC sale.
  4. Managed to get on a waiting list for tickets, need to come back at 8pm to see how many open spaces they have. I’m not sure how this will work exactly, they must have had a limited extra allocation, or do people need to claim their wristbands before 8?
  5. Out of curiosity, is anyone going to be hanging around on the off chance they release a few extra tickets just before the show?
  6. I live in Paris and can offer accommodation - if anyone has a spare ticket they would like to sell, a buddy for the gig, and a place to stay, let me know!
  7. I'm curious to know more about David Bowie visiting you during the recording of Black Holes and Revelations! How did the visit come about, was he a fan of your music, what happened during his visit? As a side note, it'd be cool to see a Muse tribute to the man on the upcoming arena tour!
  8. The government refuses to do anything about it. Last time any sort of action came close, they scrapped it and the CEO of Ticketmaster came out and said their decision was "best for the fans". Ticketmaster get a cut of the resold tickets, they own GetMeIn, so it makes sense to give a massive allocation of already-expensive tickets to touts.
  9. Managed to get 4 standing tickets at 9am! If anyone's trying in the general sale on Friday, make sure you're waiting on the hour. The 2nd Law arena tour sold out pretty much instantly, as unfortunately Ticketmaster like to allocate a lot of their tickets to touts and resellers.
  10. Well done Liv! I got through as the second caller when they played Neutron Star Collision, and the guy messed up and didn't answer in time. I assumed I'd be put straight through, but they apologised and told me to call back, which there wasn't enough time to do!
  11. Kind of annoyed there's nothing from Manchester or Newport.
  12. So how much of Assassin did they play in the "tease" last night?
  13. Has anyone at the Dome heard a soundcheck today?
  14. Grabbed a ticket on Ticketmaster at about 6pm and managed to get to the venue from Leeds by 8pm! Fantastic gig, great to hear Dead Star at long last as well as Fury and The Groove!
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