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  1. Hi, I tried to get tickets this morning for the tour, and although I was there on time, I couldn't get anything. Ticketmaster was pushing the "Get me in" site, and so I went over there. I was a bit shocked at what I found. I went on the site at 20 mins past nine, and overall I found 2339 tour tickets on sale (I've got the screen shot if anyone wants a look). Mostly going at double face value. Look, I'm all in favour of someone who can't go to a gig being able to get rid of their tickets, but this is just corrupt. It's a bunch of scalpers who by some means manage to jump the queue and then make massive profits reselling them to mugs like me. If they make £50 per ticket, (and that's conservative), then with the ticket numbers being offered, someone is making a cool £117,000 by ripping off a desperate fan base, and none of that goes to Muse to pay for the tour or keep on making music. Is there anything that can be done about this?
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