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  1. He's a damn good writer since the show has a lot of clever writing in it. Enjoying it so far.


    I'll add it to the list of shows.:p Currently watching Mindhunter since David Fincher directed some of the episodes. Also got hooked on Last of Us on PS4 recently and its so damn goooood.


    Never actually caught up with it.:$ Did notice that they mentioned Bruce Wayne in tonight's episode which is interesting.:shifty:

  2. I just discovered that Malcolm in the Middle and Louie are on Netflix. That shows you just how little I've truly explored Netflix's catalogue.:facepalm::chuckle: Louie is fantastic, even though I almost stopped watching the first episode because of an extremely awkward situation.


    I haven't seen the Death Note anime yet but my sister watched some of it and wasn't impressed. We agree 50/50 on media so I may watch it. One thing that I do have to say is that Light was never actually likeable in the film, I never cared for him and Mia. They never likeable leads so it took some of the tensions away. It was an interesting reversal by making Mia the who takes advantage of Light in the situation.


    Hah, I didn't think about the music in that way. That's a great theory and it is something that the director would do.


    I doubt that he used it. That was something that I noticed angered Death Note fans, with them saying that he would never bring himself to actually using it.


  3. I know, I know, I'll get to it eventually.:p


    Surprised to see B&H sticking around in the US tour.


    :awesome:Congrats, that's great to hear!!


    The funny thing is that the music choices in his previous films have been far better. Well at least you didn't hate it.:chuckle: I noticed a few times in the film that he was purposefully choosing to "troll" fans of the anime. Such as Light's over-exaggerated screams when he meets Ryuk. There is also that part in the dance when Light pushes away an Asian guy that's dancing with his gf. Little things like those showed that he was intentionally to rile up fans that were expecting a faithful adaptation. The whitewashing aspect was the least of the film's problems. I do think that it way was too quick paced and should have been 30 mins longer to flesh the cat and mouse game. The actor that they picked for L was fantastic in the film, he was easily the best part of the film.

    Shame that the director was forced off Twitter due to death threats from Death Note fans.:noey:

  4. Yeah, it looks a ton of fun. Surprised that season 1 isn't on Netflix since there's other AMC shows on that site. How did you like the final season? Still very keen on seeing the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, it looks like the only CW comic book show that doesn't take itself that seriously. Well, I don't think it takes seriously at all.:chuckle:


    Regret not going to that gig since the crowd looked fantastic and it has aged very well. We shall see next week if any of the rarities stick around in the US.


    Good luck!

    Its been decent, nothing too surprising at the moment. Boring I know.:p


    So I see that Netflix's Death Note has been received "kindly" by Death Note fans.:chuckle:


    Happy Birthday!!!! :awesome::party::batman:

  5. Oh yeah, it was definitely a fun atmosphere to be in. Not a knock on Avenged Sevenfold, but I do believe there was more vigorous moshing to ADTR than there was for Avenged. Avenged played a few more mellow songs on this tour which might have contributed to that. It was an awful situation for those poor people.:noey:


    I haven't seen Preacher season 2 but from the clips I've seen, it seems to be following the comics far more closely than the first season, and also a lot more crazier. There was recently a situation with our cable and thats why I haven't been able to watch it. Also, I've gotten lazier when it comes to finding and watching episodes online.:$


    Well at least you got to view it and thats fun. Totality would really be something unbelievable, it would be awesome to in its path. You guys in Canada are getting a lunar eclipse in January.


    So, during the Drones tour era, I kinda became disinterested in their shows because of the setlists, but dammit, they managed to drag me back in. I have to admit that I've been fanboying over their show at Shepherds Bush.:facepalm::LOL: That performance of Showbiz is :awesome:.

  6. No SBE songs eh? Apocalypse Please Megalomania Ruled By Secrecy The Small Print Invincible Space Dementia City Of Delusion Endlessly Cave (Jazzy obvs) Hoodoo Bit piano heavy but oh well. Holding onto a sliver of hope that they do a request show in the States.
  7. I only knew two ADTR songs, Paranoia and The Downfall of Us All. However, everyone around me knew every song by them and were going crazy. To be fair, everyone had drinks in the crowd had drinks in their hands due to the awful queuing situation. The location to line up for the concert right in the middle of the sun with no shade so everyone was burning up when I arrived. I arrived half an hour before they opened the doors and even that was too much for me. Like when I got there, I could see people that were already red from the sun and had been there for hours.:noey: It was awful so everyone was thirsty when they went inside. They really should improve that and build some shade. Its one of the reasons why I never queue early for a concert. And yeah, I was on the floor, hence drinks flying around.


    You're welcome. I haven't finished Westworld yet but I am in the middle of The Defenders, which is decent but messy at the same time. Its nowhere on the same level as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.


    I didn't manage to get glasses in time for it and I kinda avoided so that I wouldn't go blind. You?

  8. Judging by how passionate the fandom still is, they probably could make it episode 300.


    Concert was overall fantastic, A Day to Remember was great as a supporting band. However, its not my fav A7X concert to date due to a few things, such as getting hit with three beers in a short amount of time.


    Nah, no worries. Sounds very fun.:p Good luck on it and you're almost at the end.

  9. I doubt that he's gone either, he's too popular of a character. I also watched some of the Supernatural comic-con panel and it looks like the fandom is just as strong as ever.


    Thanks! :awesome: It was a fun birthday, especially since I got two birthday cakes. Its next week and I'm super pumped. I found out a bit late about Foo Fighters coming to my area and all the good tixs are sold out now.

  10. There are numerous iconic moments in the film that are simply gold.


    Have you heard about Sam and Dean meeting Scooby Doo? :chuckle:

  11. I think we get the worst of it in June so I think we're good for now. Well, I hope.:chuckle:


    I've never seen the 1960s show either but the film itself was very entertaining and silly. Adam West was a fantastic Batman and Bruce Wayne. Cesar Romero and the rest of the villains were obviously having a blast making the film.


    Oh God, not that part. Im still perpexled at how the producers thought this special was a good idea.


    Local Comic Con is this weekend.:awesome:

  12. Well, where I live its actually 110 F and its just as bad as you can imagine.:noey:


    That's great to hear and I've seen that they have added a large number of rogue villains. At the moment, I'm watching parts of the 1966 Batman flick on Netflix.


    I know about these bad films from a Canadian youtuber, Fanboyflicks. He has a dry sense of humor that is right up my alley. It is one of my life goals to own and watch Samurai Cop one day. I've actually never seen the Star Wars Christmas special. I've seen many snippets of it but never in its entirety. I don't think that I have the courage to watch it all in one sitting.

  13. Touche, touche.


    Hmm, I'll try to put with Curtis as best as I can. Yeah, its a bit of a Twilight Zone situation with Arrow being the superior show. Shame that they both can't be good at the same time.


    That depends on how evil/sadistic I want to be.:shifty:

    If I were to go easy, I would choose this "so bad that its good" masterpiece.



    However if I wanted to be evil, I would choose Shark Exorcist. Just skim through that video and you would see how bad that film is.



    And worst of all, there's those Neil Breen films, which are truly amazing in how bad they are. Yeah, I know bad films.:shifty:

  14. Well Veil definitely got protecting, overbearingly so.


    What's that? I can't hear you over our console exclusive gaaames.:p


    Well, color me surprised that the villain was that good. A concern that I have is that I found Wild Dog and Curtis extremely irritating in the Invasion crossover event and I don't know if I would be able to put with them for an entire season. If you think about it, this season of The Flash had three evil speedsters, Black Flash, that random one from the beginning of the season (who's name I can't remember and I don't want to bother looking up his name) and Savitar. It is getting very tiresome.


    I'm still trying to figure out why Veil decided to save Quinn's life.

    The location change was definitely a benefit to the show. Yeah, I'm a Waldo fanboy.:phu:



    Awesome, have fun watching it!


    I would do it except my friends dislike playing games on their PCs. The PC master race hasn't assimilated us yet.:chuckle: That's one of the reasons why I will never get rid of my N64.


    I'll admit that I rolled my eyes when I first saw Prometheus since I thought they were rehashing an evil archer villain from season one but I'm glad to hear that I'm wrong. Woah, even better than Slade? Well, I'll be damned. The writing on The Flash has declined greatly, they need to step up for next season. And they need to change it up from "mysterious speedster with a twist identity" cliche.

  16. The Obi Wan/Anakin fight still rocks. Yeah, I was surprised by how affecting Order 66 still was. Order 66 hits far harder than anything in Rogue One. Shame, since you could see Rogue One had some potential but it wasted it. They must have known that you were coming, they foresaw it with the Force. :p



    I knew that the moment Veil handed Henry to Sunny that she was screwed and it was a bit annoying to have her go out like that. She truly deserved better after what she went through.


    So that Widow/Tilda was freaking awesome right? Fav fight from the second season with others such as the rematch against the Abbots. They delivered fantastic fights in the second season. Oh and I don't know where the abrupt snow came from but it was gorgeous.:facemelt: Wish they could make an entire season with a snow environment. Probably wouldn't be cost and time efficient but dammit it would be gorgeous. I also loved the little moments between Waldo and Tilda this season as well. Nick Frost was a fantastic addition to the show, surprised with the depth that his character had.


    One thing that I'm cautious about next season is that its going to grow from 10 episodes to 16 episodes. The second season was perfectly paced and I'm hoping they don't drag out episodes next season.



    Have not played it at all but I have seen some footage that makes it look extremely fun. The recent Friday the 13th game is similar in gameplay. However, the F13 game is unintentionally hilarious in how buggy it is.:chuckle:


    So I've heard that the season finale of Arrow was amazing. And that Slade was completely redeemed from that season 3 appearance. Might watch season five later this summer since I'm hearing great things about it. Oh and don't get me started on the villain twist in The Flash.:noey:

  17. Episode III does share some of the flaws of the prequels but its pros far outweigh its cons. Have you rewatched it yet? Jar Jar will never not be annoying. Yeah, Georgie went overboard a bit with the dialogue and stiff acting.:noey: That reminds me of Rogue Squadron that I used to play on N64. I played that game endlessly, it was so fun.


    I really like Tilda as well and the Widow as well. Quinn is despicable but I find it hard to dislike him since nobody delivers speeches quite like he does.:chuckle: Really impressed with the world-building aspect of the second season.


    Ah I see, good luck on it. My friends are pressuring me into buying a PS4. I'm contemplating buying one since Dead by Daylight is coming to PS4/Xbox in June.

  18. 1. Butterflies And Hurricanes 2. New Born 3. Psycho 4. The Groove 5. Panic Station 6. Muscle Museum 7. The Small Print 8. Unnatural Selection 9. Space Dementia 10. I Belong To You 11. Liquid State 12. Cave 13. Hyper Music 14. Assassin 15. Reapers Encore 16. Futurism 17. Dead Star 18. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs Encore 19. Neutron Star Collision 20. Bliss
  19. The marathon actually reaffirmed my love for Episode III. I know its not a popular opinion but its just so grandiose, thrilling and gorgeous to look at. Yeah, I love it.


    So how far along are you in Into The Badlands? I'm loving the second season and its ending on Sunday. It flew by so quickly and the budget increase really helped the show immensely. Who are your other fav characters? Waldo is a bamf. Only Korean films that I've seen are Train to Busan, The Wailing, The Host and Snowpiercer. I've enjoyed all of them. Right now I'm in the middle of The Good, The Bad and The Weird. Fun comedy action romp.


    How far along are you in your thesis? Or are you taking a mini break from school related stuff so that your head doesn't implode? :p

  20. Thanks and same to you! :awesome: Star Wars marathon is on the tv all weekend long.


    Noice! Glad to hear that you started watching it. Sunny is a BAMF, amirite or amirite? Started watching Korean films recently and they're pretty damn awesome.


    Thanks! I don't currently have any specific plans for summer planned. You? Well, I actually got to watch Free Fire the other week in an empty screening room.:cool: It Comes at Night looks fantastic, I'm very excited for it. I think I only read Captain Underpants once or twice when I was kid. You'll probably enjoy it more since you've read them.

  21. I've never got around to watching that show. Based on what I have seen from the previews, it looks like Robert Carlyle is having a blast hamming it up on that show.


    And the actual Muse discussion that do take place here are kinda redundant. I can imagine that its easy to get lost in Reddit. Ah I can see where you're coming from, I was lurking the other forum for years too.:ninja:


    Congrats! :awesome: I still have a few weeks of school left. It ends on the week of May 19th and I already how I'm going to celebrating. Its the same week that Alien Covenant comes out so I'm going to watch it decked out in my Weyland-Yutani T-shirt.:happy:

  22. No rush about it though, they ain't never leaving Netflix.


    Yeah, I've seen some clips and Ryuk looked pretty bad. The over-the-top elements must make it a very entertaining show.:chuckle:


    I saw the miniseries once when I was young and I thought it was simultaneously dull and creepy. Have to say, that Pennywise is far from creepy nowadays and more hilarious. I mean, look at this..





    The main reason that I'm enjoying it over there is that there are far more movie and tv threads on there. Also, there are far more members and its mainly a positive environment. I never go on Reddit since I don't like the layout of the messages. :$ I prefer good ol' fashioned forum formats. Six years?? Its been that long huh?


    Thanks, same to you!

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