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  1. Hey Kueller does anyone use the live gig chat anymore?

  2. Yeah fair enough. I tweeted Matt, Dom, Dom Anderson and Tom but get nothing from them. I'm unemployed at the moment so got nothing better to worry about :p

  3. Hey any news about when Muse are due to be in Asia and Australia? Last I heard it was August but they're doing festivals then.

  4. Also is there any way to play on another difficulty or are the songs all expert by default?

  5. Hey I fired up Frets On Fire Muse tonight for the first time in a few years and just wanted to say it's awesome and thanks again for mapping out all the songs, must've taken ages. Are there any add ons for it?

  6. Yeah fair enough point, I guess we'll never know what truly went on. It's a shame they couldn't stay together as the original 4 piece anyway. I saw them 3 times live including the farewell tour which was nice. I haven't listened to their material much since Clint left, but I've given it all plenty of listens over the years.

  7. The Effected documentary. Also Clint has had multiple bands since (Thousand Needles In Red, Like Thieves etc) and they've all kind of fallen apart. Doesn't take a genius to work out the common denominator.

  8. Yeah for me Imago is a perfect balance of melody and heaviness, probably my favourite. FCoK is quality too I love Worlds on Fire, Final Conversation and In These Hands especially. It's a shame Clint was too hard to get on with, created too much tension in the band.

  9. Mm yeah the album isn't shaping up too well to be honest. Reapers onwards needs to kick arse for it to be anywhere near BH&R (their last good album for me). Where's their experimentation from Take A Bow or MotP gone?

  10. Hey, PM me your email address and I can send you the song. Just don't share it.

  11. I felt that NIN were better than QotSA last night, more energy. And I'm a bigger QotSA fan

  12. Fair enough. What section are your seats?

  13. Not sure but feel free to ask some Aussie Musers and let me know

  14. Well what I might do is keep an eye out for any GA tickets that come up for second night, and snap one up if I can. We should meet up before the gig or if your keen for GA second night as well?

  15. Hey did you get standing or seated tickets to NIN/QotSA in March? I got good seats but I'm starting to wish I got GA :/

  16. Hope you got a decent spot and had fun last night. They have to stop with that middle section, and would've liked to see Map, SUNBURN, SS etc but wasn't to be. Crowd was vocal and energetic though which was great.

  17. Cool, were you on barrier for both nights? How was the queueing each day and the crowd near you?

  18. I stuck with my seats, cos was too hard to sell my ticket. Both nights were great though, agitated and fury ftw. Map was a highlight the second night. I can't help but feel let down by their middle section though, one piano song, and they continue to play gl and ud. Anyway sydney is my last chance for sunburn, its my favourite. I'm ga at least

  19. I may have a seated ticket if you wanna buy it off me for a discounted price? If yr interested 0428871435

  20. Hey your friend wouldn't want to swap a seated ticket to the 7th for that GA would they?

  21. Hey you're going to Melbourne right? You don't happen to know anyone who might want a seated ticket to the 7th do you?

  22. Hey mate. I may be standing but not sure yet. I have a seated ticket but may possibly get rid of if you know anyone who wants one. I'm pretty keen for GA cos have a feeling this gig may get some insane rarities

  23. Hey I might be buying 2 GA for second night if I can, if I do are you interested in a seated ticket for second night? I'l sell it to you a bit cheaper, and I'd rather a proper fan on the board go than some random on ebay. It's section 37, it's a pretty good spot really. Map here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-Muse-Tickets-Melbourne-Saturday-7th-December-/261341885369?pt=AU_Tickets&hash=item3cd930b3b9&_uhb=1

  24. No, couldn't get GA for Melb, would've liked to for the second night though. I'm standing for Sydney though, breaking the budget :p

  25. Hey, I'm going to both Melb gigs, you?

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