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    Call me Toh. I don't know what I want from life yet. Writing? Styling? Nothing? I like travelling. Best thing to do is put Hullabaloo on with a ciggie and relax.
    It's difficult to pinpoint when I first heard muse...I would say my early teens around OOS and they were a welcome soundtrack to my teenage years- the rest is history.
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    Being a nuisance...and seemingly being the only menthol smoker around.
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    The Mummy, Crank, The Shape of Things, 28 Days Later...most zombie films.
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    I like to read, I do.
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    I collect the promos and vinyls.
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    NOV 2006 MEN ARENA
    SEP 2010 LCCC
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  1. With fee's it works out £20.60 per ticket, plus £5.25 to post next day delivery. If she wants them I'll message you my paypal address and cancel the ebay auction so those theiving gets don't make any money off them :')
  2. I'll grab a calculator and work out the fee's now! The £60 start was just a random number to stop timewasters, the main focus was the Best Offer thing aha. It'll still be £5.25 on top for the postage though as I'll send them next day delivery.
  3. Hope this is the right place to post, if not feel free to move it Mods. Me and a few others managed to get tickets for the ceremony on 23rd Feb. Problem being, in the panic we over bought and have two tickets left over. I've popped them on ebay to ensure a genuine sale. No online "oh I'll meet you there and pay you" and they don't show up nonsense. I'd rather do it through ebay so I can have my back as well as theirs covered, especially if people are going to travel to attend. Ebay ticket link The high Buy It Now price is to stop timewasters or touts buying them off me, I've enabled the Best Offer option so people can pay what they want rather than me put something that included all the fee's that needed covering and people having a moan. I'm gunna get stung with ebay fee's as well as the booking fee's etc I got when I bought the bloody things Other listings are selling them at £50-£60 EACH, which is ridiculous. Even saw a listing at £99 for a pair. I don't want to lose any money on these. as I've got to travel down to attend. (I've always avoided ebay for selling unwanted tickets but ended up being out of pocket recently when I couldn't get rid of the ticket elsewhere.) So please don't accuse me of trying to make of load of money, I'm not. I've always bought my Muse tickets through other musers if I've needed them, as I did for others at Wembley. I've recently tried selling an unwanted ticket at a different gig recently to someone outside but everyone had tickets so I lost out.
  4. Completely agree. I am putting a complaint in writing to the ground managers. Security were useless and refused to pull out the drunken idiots that pushed my 14 year old sister over and almost had fisticuffs with my Grandad. Personally the gig was ruined for me- I saved up to pay for the tickets for us all last year and have had the excitement build for a year. Never thought I'd be holding back tears during uprising while my little sister tried to make sure I was okay. Give me the Poland crush over that shitty crowd any day. Worried about Wembley now.
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