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    I found Muse thanks to borrowing my son's MP3 player!
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    Twin Cities
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    progressive politics, cooking, reiki, Tarot, shiatsu, herbal medicine, yoga,cycling, and obviously- good music
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    inter library loan
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    Temples, Opeth, Afro Celt Sound System, Anuna, Niyaz, U2, Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant, Dead Can Dance, System of A Down, Jesse Cook, and back in the day, Yes and ELP, Or when the mood strikes, Puccini
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    Chocolat, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Lord of the Rings
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    American Gods, Discworld novels, Full Catastrophe Living
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, Hullabaloo, cd & dvd, HAARP, Absolution Tour, The Resistance, T2L, Drones. Simulation Theory, Origin of Muse
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    Chicago 3/12/10
    Minneapolis 10/5/10
    Chicago Lollapalooza 8/5/11
    Chicago 3/4/13
    Minneapolis 3/7/13
    Denver 9/17/13
    NYC, Webster Hall 5/8/15
    Chicago 1/13/16
    Detroit 1/14/16
    Kansas City 6/12/17
    St. Louis 6/13/17
    Chicago Lollapalooza 8/3/17 :-(
    Chicago, TNWSC 12/9/18
    Chicago 4/12/19 + The Jaded Hearts Club Band after!
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  1. dog-bites-mans-nose



  2. Any thoughts on how to shift representative democracies to direct democracies?
  3. It's been June 9 in the UK for several hours already!
  4. Thanks for the beautiful picture . I wish you a fantastic New Year .

  5. Merry Christmas! this is the photo I tweeted to our guys c0946ddc-dcfb-4bfd-a7f9-2c8199fd3c88.jpg

  6. Merry Christmas! my fat kitty is always ready to pose :-) P1040454.jpg

  7. Yes I was the one who talked to Target Center people. Once they understood ,they were happy to help make 2013 better. Other experienced Musers did talk to Pepsi Center staff ahead of time and the day of the gig and could not get a straight answer and, sure enough there was a clusterfuck going in through multiple doors for GA But our group made barrier, it was a great show and Denver was fun, what little I saw. I just never want to drive across Nebraska to get there again! People like Mary & Rog will have better pics, but I got lucky a few times. I also got lucky in that Matt picked up the socks I threw for him and somehow figured out I was the one who threw them!
  8. looks like I'm coming to this one after all! Cally, are you in Denver? has anyone talked to security and box office staff to tell them what to expect? As awesome as I think my hometown of Mpls is, I think it made a difference in our queuing experience that they were forewarned about our line numbering and how the pre-sale will call tickets work. Sounds like Nashville really effed up tonight, and an ounce of prevention might be a good thing.
  9. er, not here often enough myself to know...:blush:

  10. Is it just me or is the active members number dropping?

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