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  1. First I'm going to sit in front of my front door until the postman arrives and I can finally have it in my hands (jk) Then most likely in full, multiple times, constantly annoying my Dad with it Sound set up will probably be my iPod and some basic headphones as I am a skint student and I have no idea what makes a good sound setup
  2. But don't Gigwise currently have a habit of creating news articles based on the articles of other magazines anyway? Have they come out with anything new themselves yet? EDIT: In other words, does a Gigwise article even confirm anything?
  3. I think it depends if you are looking at it in a browser or the desktop app. In my browser player everything is white and looks as if it can be played, but nothing does except for the songs already released. In the desktop app, everything is grey except the four released songs. Spotify, y u confuse so?
  4. I live about 30 minutes away from Teignmouth and the website is only giving me one for London.... ... Maybe I should go for a drive EDIT: I refreshed and apparently there is.... but since we have the link I'm guessing I don't need to bother? D:
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