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  1. Will you be back?

  2. Where did you go? :(

  3. But you havnt signed back in.

    I am back now. I just missed you by minutes, I wasnt in the room.


  4. 12:53) Black Mamba: fucking msn

    (12:53) Black Mamba: I had to delete it

    (12:53) Black Mamba: and install it again

    (12:54) Black Mamba: i will come back later


    Thats all I got, and by the time I came back you had gone?


  5. I wasnt at the computer, and when I came back I literally missed you by a minute. :(

    You said you were going to uninstall msn because it was being shit or something?


  6. You aren't online though?

    Or I would have spoke.


  7. Ok, I will pm you now.

  8. I will txt you!!

  9. No, I forget about it half the time because noone usually posts in it.

    I replied in mine and left a "<3" in yours.

  10. YES!!

    I need to book my flights but yes, I will be there I think! :D

    Did you get msn sorted? :)

  11. No problem! :)

    Are you on msn?


  12. Merry Christmas Kaddy! :)

  13. Hai Amii.

    I added you on msn!


  14. There is an Irish meet on the 10th Jan in Dublin. Check Banter for details. All Irishes (and others) welcome! kthanxbai
  15. I will have to fly or take a boat? lol

    Have you spoken to the girl who screwed you over yet?

    I really do love the name change hehe! :D

  16. Not at all, I really liked it.

    I used to have a bebo skin with those little donut dudes in it, I just thought it was a random thing someone made - they are so cute!! :D

  17. I only just realised who this was.

    Name change totally confused me! :LOL:

    How are you?

  18. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. I have such brilliant banter with the staff but my boss is an arse, but I suppose you get that everywhere. What sort of new job were you thinking of?

    Yeah I am kind of scared to back out driving because it is pretty icy this morning...:$. Mum said I have to get back out there though because if I stop out of fear I wont go back.

  19. I lost control of it on Friday morning when I was on my way to college. Foolishly took a country road and lost control on black ice...it was -1 outside that morning. :facepalm: Crashed into a wall, not a pretty sight! :(

    Where do you work?

  20. hai!

    Im grand, waiting for my car to be taken away! :(

    How are you! :)

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