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    Absolute dog shit. Opened the Belfast gig and totally killed the mood.
  2. Mate. No. We're gonna get Assassin. I'd also hedge a bet on Dead Star/CE/B&H...mebbe. They said they'll maybe play rare stuff in Belfast depending on how it goes down in SBE. Also come say hi to Dore and I!!
  3. I'm attending Belfast on Wednesday and I think people are getting way ahead of themselves in thinking Showbiz will be played - if anything it's going to be at Reading.
  4. Yeeeeah, you're missing the point. Bellamy played the intro in Belfast last year then bailed, said they would play it next time. So next time was last week, they were aware that fans wanted it and they didn't play it.
  5. Equally late reply to you. I've watched it being thrown around here in the past though as an excuse for their shit attitude and setlists, it doesn't wash with me at all. It feels to me that they just can't be arsed, and it's not because they are tired. Call it a day, lads.
  6. I didn't go last night, I sold my ticket a few weeks ago and I am thoroughly glad I did. It's their job to entertain people, Matt wrote these songs so I'd half expect him to enjoy what he's doing. If he/they can't be arsed then maybe they should call it a day or stop playing as many dates.
  7. I don't think I will go see them live again. I went to the gig in the Ulster Hall last year and that will be my last. They (Matt) disrespect their fans, the sets are shit and they just cannot be arsed.
  8. I didn't go to the gig, I had a feeling the set would be crap. Sold my ticket a few weeks ago. I'm disappointed for friends who did go and had read Dublin's set so were expecting something similar. Exactly. Also. Tom Kirk has said previously that Matt writes the sets.
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