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    02 Arena-13th Nov 09
    Estadio Vincente Calderon Madrid- 16 Jun 10
    Oxegen Festival-9 Jul 10
    Poland Coke Fest- 21 Aug 10
    Manc Cricket Ground- 4 Sept 10
    Wembley Stadium-11 Sept 10
    Wembley Stadium-12 Sept 10
    Reading Fest-Aug 11
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  1. Not Sure If This Belongs Here Or Other Topics If So I Can Move It. Richard Cheese interviewed live on the KROQ Kevin & Bean Show about the July 30 L.A. Rising Concert afterparty at Dom's House. Taco Trucks, Rubber Ducks And Lots Of Women. http://www.richardcheese.com/rmedia/raud/rc-KROQ20110801.mp3
  2. just talked to you on omegle haha

  3. Thanks! Already seen this one though, I was the first one to comment on the vid :chuckle:

  4. I found a Vid as proof its a little far away but until something better comes along! you can just about make it out... its real quick 8.36 is the moment it happens.
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