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  1. Happy Birthday Helen. Hope to see you at Wembley

    Debbie xxx

  2. Dammit, I always miss your birthday! Hope it was a good one.



  3. Thank you Anya for posting this. It looks to me that they were all interviewed separately, and not asked to comment on each others interview. Chris and his alcohol problem was a shock, but as was pointed out, his openness maybe part of his recovery. The interviewer had done his research and knew about Dom's father, and how difficult it would be for him next weekend. Good that he's got his family and the music to get him through it. And as for Matt, well he's Matt isn't he. Talks mainly bollocks with occasional interesting bits. Unfortunately, he's come across as a bit flippant at times and obviously going through an excessive phase in his life. But we don't know all the questions that were asked or what's been left out. Chris hasn't missed a gig, so Matt, Dom and the rest must be giving him their love and support. As for the crazy people destroying their tickets. Give them to the real fans who appreciate good music.
  4. Happy Birthday Tracy.

    Hope you're having a good day.

    Shall we do a meetup soon?


  5. We all got home from Dublin a few hours ago. Tired but very happy. My first visit to Dublin, what a lovely city. Did the bus tour, river Liffey boat trip and saw the Book of Kells. Thanks to all the kind and friendly people we met. Also meeting up sometimes by chance with a few Musers, Pip, Fallout Boy, Heartofsaturdaynight, Mattsmrs, Dying Athetist and others. The gig was one of the best I've been to. Kath and I had great seats, the others also. The towers and visuals were incredible, but I felt that the gig only really came alive once the boys were on the ground. I think that there was more interaction with the crowd than ever before. Hearing a much more polished version of the songs since Teignmouth. As for the setlist, I do understand that the visuals do have to tie in with the songs, so there is not going to be much scope for playing some older/rarer songs. But we did get Unintended, so there is hope. And it is a shame that we can't have both Feeling Good and Cave together, so at least both sides of the playlist debate will be happy. The reaction by the crowd to FG can't be denighed, they love it:stunned:. I do too I guess, but I can understand peoples reaction when they hear it instead of Cave. I've tried to explain both views to others and been called a spoilt European for my troubles. I guess because we have access to wonderful live music in most cities here. But I just feel that beacuse we actually go out of our way to make the effort to see bands like Muse and others, we can compare the setlist and length of gigs with some authority. I'm sure that as the tour goes on into next year, all the teething problems will be ironed out, maybe a few setlist changes, and I hope that everyone will be happy. I've met some wonderful people through seeing Muse, and I know that I will meet some more. Each time Muse play, I feel that I'm part of a wonderful experience, something that I rarely feel with any other band. Thankyou to everyone that's put up photo's and video's, I want to watch it all over again
  6. Hey everyone!


    Would you like to help me try to win a competition to see Muse in London? Please click on the link, and please pass it onto family, friends and colleagues – I need as much support as I can get! Thanks, I really appreciate it.


    Love Clair xxx



  7. I didn't know this was here either. Thanks to all of you for such a fantastic day. You're a good sport Chris, Kath's not usually like that. Look forward to see some of you in Dublin.
  8. Hiya! I have. Thanks for asking :) Aye, I can imagine! But as long as everyone had a blast, the aches are bearable. Photos/vids look fab too!


    I really should, but I have this irrational hate (fear? I don't know- avoidance syndrome?) for doctors/hospitals, which means I'd only go when absolutely necessary -__-;; But you're right. Thanks :)

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