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  1. My guess is that they will do the usual thing of having a crack at something a bit different for one track on the album. Like they did with undisclosed desires, SMBH etc on the previous two. I would be very surprised if it featured on more than one or two tracks. I like their willingness to try different things certainly, not many bands can manage to do dubstep, symphonies, epic riffs and cheesy love songs. I'm not massively into dubstep myself, but if anyone is going to persuade me that its worth a listen then its muse.
  2. Seems like a The Resistance style statement to me. "Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermal equilibrium -- the state of maximum entropy of the system" Entropy means disorder or chaos, so it looks to me like a reference to the banking crisis and london riots etc. So yeah I expect more lyrics in line with the songs on TR. With more wub-wub this time though, apparently.
  3. I think he just knows what a mental bunch we all are and doesn't want creepy phonecalls in the middle of the night asking about japanese rarities. Anyway I'm off down the pub. NN all its been emotional.
  4. It will be up on http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer sometime this evening. Zane's show finishes at 9 so have a look then to see if its available. Basically chris confirmed the whole OoS at Reading and Leeds thing there was some banter about dom's hypothetical bastard children and they played feeling good.
  5. Load of muse fans listening to Plug in Baby together, its a gig by proxy. Via the media of phone, interwebs and radio.
  6. Don't worry I'm sure it'll end up on iplayer. I'll endeavour to put it in the first post at the start of the thread when its online. I am going to the pub tonight though so I may forget or fuck it up...
  7. THIS! Dead star would make my fucking life. Seen them several times now and have yet to hear it. I fear its wishful thinking on my part though.
  8. No problem, looks like someone else had the same thought about a minute after I did as well Never mind I shall stay in and listen to Chris rather than going out and starting a riot as seems to be the thing to do these days.
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