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  1. Just looking at the ticket links they send you to ticketmaster do you still need to have password and account details for ticketmaster.
  2. Presume more dates to be added as a big gap between London and Manchester shows
  3. Really enjoyed this show the 360 stage gave almost everyone a great view rather than the traditional one ended arena stage .
  4. Since Mat sings about the evilw of state control what is the bands opinion of Downloads nee security meadures with the Police to use facial reco..very big brothetgnition to identify all festival attendies
  5. Life is too short to be stood like a Drone for half a day, I will be watching the Lpool v mange game before even travelling to the gig and will prob show up as doors open,from experience from gigs over the yrs being up at the front is not necessarily the best place to enjoy a gig
  6. Is France that shit that their fans have to come to Britain and stand in a que for a day before a show?
  7. disapointed that i cannot go to this gig
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