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  1. More likely to have been a judgment call based on the rest of the setlist. Eternally missed would have brought the flow to a crashing halt. It's good, but it doesn't quite have enough going on
  2. I thought it was just me who found Hullabaloo tricky to watch. If the still have all of the raw footage though, it'd be really interesting to see them "re-cut" it. Performance-wise, it's their best DVD.
  3. Honestly, I think the more realistic thing to ask for is a Live DVD/Blu Ray with proceeds/profits going to The Passage. not quite the same for sure, but it's better than a kick in the teeth
  4. What the hell, I'm bored, and in my head, this is something they could plausibly do on a stadium tour if they were a little daring (because it felt more fun to come up with something workable than just a wishlist) Intro - Playback JFK's Inaugural Address (up until "what you can do for your country"), loop end; radio static etc until... MK Ultra Assassin The Handler The Small Print Psycho Map of the Problematique -> Maggie's farm outro Citizen Erased (in to piano section) ____________ Hoodoo Endlessly New Born ____________ Undisclosed Desires Dead Inside Madness Invincible Time is Running Out (with Host intro) Starlight Blackout (with string Section) Exogenesis (with String section) (Encore 1) Glorious Plug In Baby Bliss (Encore 2) Mercy Knights of Cydonia
  5. Ross

    Dig Down

    Honestly, the only bits of your evidence for its "jokiness" that stand up to any real rigour are the screams; maybe the ughs. Matt, as a lyricist, is bloody hopeless, and the slap bass is just a good fit for a sort of funk aligned song. Not being four to the floor rock =/= being a joke song
  6. Ross

    Dig Down

    It's... not though? The video is, sure, but it's one of the tightest songs Muse have written since BHaR
  7. Ross

    Dig Down

    https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/02/muse-to-tour-with-30-seconds-to-mars/ Tour starts on the 20th. new song builds hype for live shows = potentially higher ticket sales if they're not sold out already
  8. D#m You can have Washington, I'll take New Jersey, That's what I said in my head when we parted How many ways can you say "This isn't working"? The needle is broken The record is warped We can split Lou Reed right down the middle What's in your mind? What's in your mind? Leave me Berlin, and we'll call it even D sharp F sharp A sharpened needle Choose another place to drop the point Red ink on white vinyl to cue another argument. The locked groove of conflict cackles hysterically Raise your arm to defend yourself D sharp F sharp A sharpened needle. Choose another album Change the turntable speed Everything still moves in slow motion But the notes are still the same D sharp F sharp A sharpened needle. __________ Contemplating taking the concept of this and spinning it out into a set. Basically I start off with the opening line of a song and see where it takes me
  9. Yeah, I wanted to do it this year but I've literally had 3 Uni assignments in the past 2 weeks or so, including one that's 40% of my grade for te semester. Boo
  10. Ross

    Dear Niall

    Point of order here, and I am loathe to get involved in this for a number of reasons. But the fact that we are having this argument over a term which was not used pointedly as an attempt to harm or offend, while we have a notable member who has just returned from a 2 week ban for one of the most disgusting moments I have personally seen on the board (and I include the treatment Lauren got at te start of the chizzle debacle when folk jumped on her like a pack of rabid animals) is something that I personally find more reprehensible than any lightly thrown about (and let us be totally and utterly frank, it is lightly thrown, albeit not correctly) term. I think for some, that may be the issue. Yes, he could have used any other number of words in the dictionary, however, if we are reaching the point where we are applying rules without any real regard for common sense, then I despair for what will become of this place as a community. I am not saying it is correct to throw about terms such as gay, retard, spaz (the latter two of which I have been known to say despite being a part of a the group who would be targeted with such terms) or any other number of terms. What I am saying is that a far greater weight should be given to context where these terms have been used. If the rule is to be enforced with the weight it is, then this is an absolute necessity. To work off of the pub analogy that's been chucked about, and which is a strong one, a conversation amongst friends in a pub (which is what the exchange concerned appears to be analogous to) is an entirely different matter to that same group screaming homophobic, racist or otherwise distasteful terms across the place. To an extent, yes, they are in a public environment, but they are in a private subset. The entire thing is very, very reminiscent of the Paul Chambers twitter case that was all over the place not too long ago. In language and social interaction, context is everything. We cannot have rules, based on language which are ignorant of context, to do so is frankly, absurd and is why I've tended to get involved in these arguments in the past
  11. I've just been well and truly punched squarely in the heart By a song I'd never listened to before things fell apart Because somewhat like what he said, you're a girl and your my friend but the scent of you makes me slightly sick And I know that life will never be some kind of 80s movie Full of optimism, laced with conflict but with a happy ending And I know that life will never be some kind of 80s movie But if it were I think my copy of the script would be printed in pink We dance in conversation but I keep forgetting all the steps And I thought it was you but your lips they danced just fine with others While I stumbled in the dark like a tourist with a loose grasp on the language but with no concept of the grammar And I know that life will never be some kind of 80s movie Full of optimism, laced with conflict but with a happy ending And I know that life will never be some kind of 80s movie But if it were I think my copy of the script would be printed in pink You see I've found myself more like George McFly before the Delorean And if we pretend that we could use it and jump back and forth through time then I would say add a dash of Ross gellar and duckie dale. I'm anxious, geeky and fall in love far too easily I feel like romance is a jigsaw I've been given with a piece missing And I was never too good at putting them together anyway I know that life will never be some kind of 80s movie Full of optimism, laced with conflict but with a happy ending And I know that life will never be some kind of 80s movie But if it were I think my copy of the script would be printed in pink
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