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  2. I haven't started it yet. I likely won't start it for a few more years, I have so much on my plate!


    I hope you enjoy Til We Have Faces. I found the last bit of the book strange and a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.


    Come back to my profile. Look at the bottom post. Guess what is there? A POST WHERE YOU ALREADY LINKED ME TO YOUR GOODREADS. Get with it, woman.

  3. Oh and I checked out Til We Have Faces to read over winter break! :)


    This is my goodreads btw so you can snoop in my books



  4. How far are you into Les Mis??!?!

  5. Miss T sent me Les Miserables!

  6. Happy Birthday. You will be old before you know it.


    Very old.

  7. I will assume the eel dragged you to the bottom of the ocean.

  8. What you don't realize is I already have over 100 unread books in queue in my room... I promise one day I will read it though.


    Yeah I have heard Naked Lunch is quite difficult, but I have also heard the construction involved a narrative that was cut up with scissors and pasted back together somewhat at random, so that it is difficult to figure out what the story was. I did read his book Junkie and enjoyed it though, so it might be alright.


    As for Islam I know nothing about it beyond people saying things about getting a bunch of virgins when you die and Mohammed being their boy and Mecca and Medina being important. I have an ok handle on Christianity now due to some apologetics I've read, so I figured it'd be worthwhile finding out about another. If I win the lottery I will head out West for the coast, but until then NO DICE.

  9. Read it as your next book!!!! I dunno, I have the list for reference but I don't read things in order and frequently pick up other books that aren't on the list.


    Here's mine: http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/3722711?order=d&shelf=to-read&sort=date_added


    Browsing your list now! Ugh I tried to read Naked Lunch, couldn't get through it at all. :noey: Haha, my uni is offering an Islamic Philosophy course this summer, come take it, maybe we can take it together :p

  10. ok, but my list has over 200 items on it so it may take me 10 years or so to get around to it.


    Here is said list, and proof your book is on it: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/wishlist/IPJ3RBHPLDPF/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_wl

  11. OMG just read it! Okay, I'll read yours, add it to my never-ending to read list.

  12. only if you promise to read mine.

  13. OMFG. Read it. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever read and I'm only 300 pages in.

  14. I have not. Do you recommend it? I just finished a great book called Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis. I suggest you give it a go one day.

  15. Have you read Les Miserables?

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