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  1. Yeah, I would love that too. But imo, the Hullabaloo concert was the best (recorded release). HAARP would be good too.
  2. Do you think it would be possible for MUSE to re-release the Hullabaloo concert DVD in 4K or Blu-Ray? I don't know if it is limited due to the company who released it originally, but would totally buy it if it came out for something like... 15th Year Anniversary? (2018)
  3. I was sitting at the back of the place. It was amazing to see the light spectacular. I was in Block 211. :) Have a look at the two vids I have on my YouTube page. http://www.youtube.com/user/TKT97054


    Just wondered about the coach, just remembering seeing a ton of Muse fans on that coach I went on. XD It was completely full that bus. I did standing at one of the Muse concerts, and I was crushed so bad. :) So this time, I preferred a break and sat. But next time, I will stand.


    I have joined the group, go Bradford!

  4. I loved that part on Nevermind the Buzzcocks at the end when they are having the quick fire question round, and Catherine Tate gets the Coldplay song correct. David Tennant looked so happy to hear that clip of Coldplay... again! I also loved the big fude with Jo Whiley and Catherine about how Jo should have been the Doctor's assistance.
  5. Ah right, I live in Eccleshill. Yeah I wish Bradford had more status rather than being put behind Leeds and such =[

    We should start a Bradford group on here, get any other Bradfordians to join!

    No I drove to the Sheffield gig actually, stopped off in Huddersfield to pick a friend up and went to the arena. We were standing right at the front, where were you at that gig?

  6. Seems like that the Starlight Xmas Remix vid has been removed. Didn't get chance to see it, anyone else got a link or something?
  7. Wibsey way, how about you? It sucks (even though I understand) that they don't have Bradford down on the drop down list. But still, this might sound odd, but did you get the coach down to Sheffield for the concert? :)

  8. Oh hey! Didn't expect another Bradfordian to be on here!

    Cheers for the add =]

    Where abouts in Bradford are you fella?

  9. Love it! Its just one crazy song. "Sell... and I'll sell ya memories... for 15 pounds per year... and you keep for profits." - My favourite verse in it.
  10. Its the Intro song from The Resistance Tour. Have a listen to it from one of my Videos at Sheffield Arena.
  11. Kudos for you. That is dedication for you, people. Love Darkshines. Such a simple, yet fantastic tune! "Daaaaaarkshines... Bringing me dooooown... making my heart feel sore... 'cause its gooooooooooood!" Ahhhh... the memories. It is soooo unappreciated.
  12. Doubt that very much, since they tend to use different intros to their tours. But I REALLY hope it does get released / leaked. *Crosses Fingers* Hope hope hope!
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