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  1. well, i will share something that never happened before, MY NOSE BLED AFTER THE SHOW. i guess my head banging was way too hard this time. my friend thought someone had hit me. i was scared because i had no idea until they turned on the lights, haha, so i started shaking. ANYHOW, the show was great, as everyone has said. there's really no way Muse can go wrong with their performances. I'm sorry to the guy next to me for pushing him at one point (i got too excited) and the girl behind me, who im sure got her eyes poked by my ponytail, LOL. nice to have been part of this, again! :D
  2. Merry ChrisMatt XD





  3. just recently i've thought of getting 'gloriuous' translated into morse code. and i'd get it on my neck going down my back. i dont know, but when i picture it, it looks really cool. im a bit of a chicken though
  4. LOL i really really like this one this picture is hilarious. i like matt's pose. LOL i guess this cover should include the title "the showbiz symmetry of absolution revelations" and then say..."we're not radiohead" LOL radiolarians this one is just so cute
  5. ..i dont know, but i just really hated being in Forever 21 (girl clothing store) and listening to KoC. it was horrible. i felt so bad they were murdering the song there...all they play in that store is whatever stupid airhead girls think is cool. i dont know why i was there in the first place
  6. if you're talking about the girls on the right...we're not twins.she's actually 5 yrs younger than i am.
  7. '_' what am i doing there!? ...i was about to post that picture by the way...actually, ihave a better one. WHERE WE'RE ALL LOOKING TO THE RIGHT CAMERA
  8. thats is fucking weird!!! it seriously sounds like gwen LOL
  9. i was actually planning on getting a henna tattoo with something muse-related. i want to get something (word, phrase, etc,) on morse code...i think that's cool. i tried my name or "muse" but its either too short or too weird-looking. now i just have to make up my mind between what i want and when/where since i have to find out where's really a safe place to get it. i wouldnt get a real tattoo because i know i'll eventually hate it and have it removed...and that seems painful enough
  10. well, i think starlight is close to being my summer song....or close
  11. honestly, i dont know what to think of the song YET. i've heard it only once so im not ready to say if i like it much or less. ...but yes, i agree both sigles will make more sense once they're played as part of the album...im not trying to say they're sucky or anything just yet, im waiting a little. so, i guess, you're right on that
  12. did you see the minotaur one? "observer"....i was like:eek: lol
  13. first off, where can i actually listen to this song:stunned:
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