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  3. Interesting to see someone I vaguely know on such a small board.

  4. I am indeed on the PRR board.

  5. are you on the PRR board?

  6. Happy B-day! :0

    Best 4 u!



  7. Exactly. They actually made it worse. I vomited a little when I first heard the guitar intro Invincible is Shine's slightly inbred, retarded and emotionless brother. Seriously...why would anyone write such lyrics
  8. Invincible is truly meh...dead average and it's doesn't inspire me particularly. But then again "together we're Invincible" isn't a particularly inspiring statement tbh. The build up and solo are good but that's the song's only redeeming feature. Still. When put next to the shitheap that is Exo-Politics the song does seem like utter genius
  9. 1. Take A Bow 2. Hysteria 3. Micro Cuts 4. Cave 5. Map of the Problematique 6. Showbiz 7. Citizen Erased 8. Soldier's Poem 9. Space Dementia 10. B&H 11. Sunburn 12. City of Delusion 13. The Smallprint 14. Newborn 15. Candle (Exo) 16. Muscle Museum 17. Bliss (long Outro) ------------ 18. Osaka Jam -> Supermassive Blackhole 19. Knights of Cydonia ------------ 20. Hoodoo 21. Stockholm Syndrome
  10. I get a green sec x graph when I hear Endlessly. Why? God knows
  11. Hmm...my settings for Hysteria on bass. I think it works quite nicely: Digitech Whammy: +1 octave harmony Big Muff: tone @ 3-4 o'clock, sustain at 2 o'clock Octaver for verses (OC-3) on drive, all knobs at 10-11 o'clock Phaser (optional): 8-9o'clock That works really well for me.
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