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Resistance music video


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While i was doing yardwork and listening to Resistance the other day, i thought of a great idea for a legit music video for the song, and im in the process of making it for a school usic and video festival, and i wanna see what all you muse lovers think of it. Reading the overview while listening to the song helps make it better.


During the synths in the beginning, u have a couple kissing in either a room or secluded place outside, and a police force of some kind come and take them away, as the first verse starts they get taken away to second rooms for questioning, all the while they seem desperate and heartbroken to be taken apart, then when the first bridge starts the boy breaks out of the room and makes his way through facility and finds the girl at the start of the 2nd verse, during the 2nd verse he helps untie/free her, then during the 2nd bridge and chorus theyre making their way out of the building while evading w/e police force it is, then, going into the "we must run part" they get ready to leave, and when the we must run part starts, they make a break for it and run outside, with searchlights being thrown on them as they run, and then when "take us away from here starts" they find a place to hide and finally embrace each other again, and then as the synths start again the camera is on them but as the synths fade out u see the light from a door opening and as they both look up it fades out

the verses scenes and we must run scenes are done in like a black and white slomo for effect, while the rest is in real life color, and it starts and ends the same since the synths open and end the song the same way

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