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About an old unknown Muse song...


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Does someone know where I can find this Muse song please 🙏 ? I never heard it and I don't know the title...only the lyrics

"Wheelchair, take him

In sad eyes, compromise too

You're gonna die, with the cuts and the bruises [or maybe : the cat’s seven horses] 

We're all, we're all corpses

Fiend, drive through me

Insert me

Where I can sway through you...

We're brought to school, we're ignorant

We try to learn and in the end

We're all appealing thee (ignore it)"

Lie to me Silverware, with the cat's seven horses

In your arm, in business-bra Aaaaaah

Fiend, drive me ohh

Insert me aaah

Where I can sway through you...

We’re brought to school, we’re ignorant

We try to learn and in the end

We’re all appealing thee, ignore it"


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Ha! I remember this! This was when they were touring the US at the tail end of the Absolution tour. The time of the setlist anagrams. 

They introduced early versions of Assassin, Glorious, Crying Shame and Exo Politics to the crowds in this period. There were muffled recordings going around, and the board tried to decipher them. 

These four new songs kept having different names on the set list, a direct communication between the band and the board. Song names were anagrams, which were just fun at first and later turned into a bit of a treasure hunt. (This is where Debase Mason's Grog comes from, for example, a name used for Assassin that's an anagram of Message Board Song.)

Anyway, Glorious at the time was listed as New Song (DES) on the setlist. This was not an anagram, but a note to their roadie, Des, that he had to set something up for that song (A specific tuning for the guitar or something, I don't remember). I speculated that it stood for Dead End Street and trolled the board into thinking that was the actual title. It stuck around for a while. I even heard an anecdote that the band picked up on it and started calling their roadie Des "Dead End Street" for a bit. 

Anyway, back to those muffled recordings. In the threads for the new songs there were multiple serious and trolling attempts to decipher the lyrics. Someone heard Pee Candle in Exo Politics, and that was the Muser name for that song for a while.

As for Glorious (Or Dead End Street :) ), there were many different people trying to decipher a very muffled early recording, and the above interpretation was definitely mine. 

Anyway, that's the story kids. Funny this made its onto a lyrics site. 

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16 minutes ago, Claudia O said:

Ah! Finally it is no mystery anymore ( and no unknown song by Jethro Tull 🤣) Maybe somebody from the board put it there just to  confuse everyone even more??

thanks for the story, I wish I were here at that time, sounds like a lot of fun! 😁👍

It was, the setlist anagrams were the high point for sure (in the Main Muse section anyway).

Too bad that board crashed and everything was lost. Apparently those Italian Muse blogs are a bit sturdier, if posts from 2004 are still around. 

EDIT: I tried to find those old threads in the Wayback Machine. I can see the thread title "New Songs" but sadly the insides haven't been archived. Bummer. 

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