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How did Muses play a roll in Ancient Greek culture?


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If you could give me some sites about the topic that would be great. I can't find anything about how it played a roll in their society.


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Well, websites aren't the most authoritative, but there's a couple I use:








You can always VM me if you need more help. :happy:

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There's also two books that could help you with the common practices aspect:


Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks by Robert Garland


A Companion to Greek Religion by Daniel Ogden


Most likely, for that specific of a subject, you'll have to get articles. I'd recommend using a database like JSTOR or PROJECT MUSE. They're full-text databases with a focus in the Humanities. Of course, it all depends on what you have access too. :happy:


Oops, when all librarian-geeky.

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