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  1. :chuckle: aah ok cool, will investigate : happy:
  2. thanks! You too :happy;

  3. Aww yay! I got yours yesterday, SO MUCH GLITTER <3 thankyou xx

  4. :LOL: NO PROB SAMMY. I was worried it wouldn't get to NZ in time but IT DID SO YAY
  5. No probz bbz luv u 5eva xoxox

  6. CHRISTMAS TIME!!! Aw yay glad you like it!!

  7. Aww no problem dude :happy:x

  8. oh same, i have so many mock exams next week and i just dooooont waaaant toooooo

  9. oh same actually I'm always really tired. I DUNNO WHY but yeah it is annoying. and i have S O M U C H school work to do but yeah it's not getting done :$

  10. SCHOOL NEEDS RO STOP GETTING IN THE WAY OF FILMS AND STUFF. but yeah when you get the chance do watch it cause it's really good

  11. I KEEP MEANING TO it looks really good but yknow school and stuff. Probably this weekend I will.


    And you should watch Twin Peaks you nigger

  12. Aah I'll watch it eventually :chuckle: and oh wow, cool!

  13. I kinda don't watch that much tv :$ I love doctor who, and I like being human, merlin, twin peaks, house... I keep meaning to watch supernatural cause a lot of people say it's good, but I never have

  14. hahahahaha! so silly <3

  15. I have! Haha, his moustache is funny :chuckle:

  16. Haha yeah it's so funny! Aah his chins <3

  17. OH :LOL: now I see. I'd rather take up the Cumberbatch two posts down tbh :shifty:

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