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  1. jmusej

    Well...I don't think I can get a plane ticket with $3 :chuckle:

  2. jmusej

    Damn it :p can I tag along :awesome:

  3. jmusej

    Yeah, I'm upset with Tyler :noey: but Caroline was SUCH a badass when she told Tyler off! :awesome: aaannd in that case I'm a shrink :eyebrows:

  4. jmusej

    What did you think? :)

  5. jmusej

    Damn :( I haven't watched Doctor Who in a while actually...now I have plans for tonight :awesome:

    ...No...:erm: I'm kind of frightened but I'm going to look...

    You're going to enjoy Vampire Diaries this week :happy: lots of nommy Damon :eyebrows:

  6. jmusej

    I've watched a bunch of movies and busted out some of my old Pokemon games :facepalm:

    I vote for some Doctor Who :yesey:


    What kind of pictures would those be...:wtf:

  7. jmusej

    Absolutely nothing. I've been out of school since Monday and I've done about everything I can think to do :LOL:


    And you?

  8. jmusej

    And if I do I will film it!! :awesome:

  9. jmusej

    Aww, my dinner seems so boring now...I may have to see if I could get my mom to cook like that :awesome:

  10. jmusej

    Shit, that was some intense cooking :chuckle:

  11. jmusej

    I cried so hard! :facepalm:


    Seriously! :chuckle: that takes skill! ;)

  12. jmusej

    I know! I though he was being nice there at the end for a second, I felt REALLY bad for that poor girl!

    And Rose :'( I really didn't want him to do that, I hoped there was someway they could save her :supersad:

  13. jmusej

    Oh :chuckle: people always do the same to me...I like mine long too :chuckle:

  14. jmusej

    Ahh thank you :happy:


    You cut your hair! I also like it! :D I like it better short.

  15. jmusej

    My birthday was amazing! I rocked the black dress/white converse look at that party :awesome:


    :LOL: I am pretty proud of those! I was running a terrible fever when I took those :chuckle: you like them? :)

  16. Thank you so much! :)

  17. jmusej

    Awww thanks :kiss:

  18. jmusej

    I ment they would leave me at home with my neighbor and then go to watch the movie and come home.

  19. jmusej

    Yes! I was pretty young but I remember my parents going to the theaters on premier night for all three movies and leaving me home every time :rolleyes:


    When did they come home? I was still watching Disney movies at the time so I know I was pretty young...:erm:

  20. jmusej

    I was her for halloween two years in a row :chuckle:


    *suchanerd* :LOL:

  21. jmusej

    I liked both of them :chuckle: and I thought Arwen was the prettiest person on the planet :happy:

  22. jmusej

    Oooh don't even get me started on Legolas! One of my first crushed EVER <333


    I wish I could do that but I live with the sugar nazi :rolleyes:

  23. jmusej

    My mom owns them :awesome: somewhere...:erm: it's been a while since I watched them...


    Yes, that's what you SHOULD be doing but what's more FUN? :p

  24. jmusej

    Aww lucky :( those might be my all time favorite movies :happy:

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