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i am confused... I was wondering, what are the autographs for?


I mean, i have no problem with it at all, its funny-, its just, im not sure what you`d do with it, i feel embarresed


jkjhjhkjhjkh to squiggle my name on a random piece of ... Let me see tickets, shoes, toilet roll,


breasts, knickers, albums, singles, private collection books, foreheads!, backstage passes,


100 dollar bill, various currency, love letters, guitars, drum skins, drum sticks, filofax, beer mats


towels,vodka bottles,walls, sancerre 1996, your sisters barbie doll with evil eyes, a love handle,


socks, dildo, heart, religious books, plectrums, magazines, deus cd inlay, posters, t-shirts,


and a fucking-obsene life-eating soul-destroying dirty-nasty death-death-death


who-have-i-become-binding-stuck evil-evil record contract!


Heheheheheheheh not really, just kidding


just kidding just joking it wasnt me, you see? Hmmmm




you seen fatty`s leg? Its fucking fucked.



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