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For about £5 and a Mars, and in less than an hour, you can peddlebord while you IKEA!




I saw this on another website a while back and thought, fuck this, i need something to sort out my wiring disaster. So, on my first ever trip out to IKEA, i got 2 Gorm shelves, and two short slat things that are on the same shelf thing as the Gorm shelves in IKEA. IKEA!!!


So anyway, here's a little photoessay on how to IKEA.


Step 1. here's what i'm starting off with. I went for the longest gorm shelf that IKEA do. It's a bit shorter than a metre, maybe 80cm? (that's about 3 foot for you backwards folk.) and the short slat things are probably about 55-60cm.




Step 2. Mark it out. I positioned my back support on the back horizontal piece of the shelf about 15mm from the edge. It gives a good pitch on it, and provides good structure. if you're handy with woodworking, you could probably cut the slat thing in two and make two side pieces, but i like where it is, cos i'll hide my plugs in there (boss adaptor, whammy, etc.). I just used a standard 2B pencil for it. I sharpened it with a stanley cos i couldn't find a sharpener. You could probably use a HB pencil if you were stuck.




Step 3. L Plates. The wood is really soft, and i was feeling moderately lasy and annoyed after blowing the inductor on my DV. So, i used my old trusty stanley knife for a pilot hole. you should get an L Plate with the upright thing. You only get ONE though (WTF!?). So you might need to either buy a second set of uprights, or buy another L plate. I think i paid €4 (£4) for the upright, so it's not exactly expensive. An L plate might actually cost you more. Screw them in place. I did the upright first.



Step 4. Do the same with the Main shelf thingy. That's basically it. You can do whatever else you want with it from there. I plan on putting something grippy on the top and then painting it black and copper. But for the moment, you can see how it works. For example, here, i'm hiding a 2m cable underneath while i connect my shoe to my unfinished DV with plenty of space for an assembly manual. There's loads of space underneath for plugs, cables, and maybe even a McTasty. Total build time, maybe 45mins?



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It's so easy. I think i'm going to add a little box to just underneath it for regulating the power from the 9v adaptor to the pedals. could be awesome to mount a tuner or something too. lol! going to put eighty seven percent across the back part too.

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Now that looks like win, i hope the nearby Ikea's have gorms. i have some tapes of some kind of anti-slip stuff, (for stairs and stuff to not fall on your ass and break the dildo in half in your anus) i tape some rolls of it on the thing, maybe that could pass as some kind of quasi-velcro (i never saw velcro here)


well this is a plan for the future, my next two months are reserved for other things.

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that one is this?





lol this shit is so cheap, i love ikea


i might go full blown gay next time i visit them, so i gonna return with a gorm pedalboard and with some nice decorative pillows and some fancy plants for the uni flat (me and my flat mate kills plants super fast, only cactuses can survive)

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What about if the text was in copper, and the rest was black with the wood grain showing through? i've figured out how to put grip on it too. On the last coat of paint before the sealer, just after the paint goes on, i'll sprinkle on some local sand, then sealer. I've seen it done on skateboards instead of grip tape. ossim!

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