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Muse Song Tournament: Round 2-34, New Born vs. Piano Thing

Which song is better?  

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  1. 1. Which song is better?

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Damn, I wrote out a long post earlier and my Mac decided to restart itself without asking :indiff:. Anyways, I said something along the lines of New Born being the best song in the world :LOL:. Or at least one of Muse's best EVER songs, imo. It's almost impossible to beat ;). I also mentioned that both songs are on my fave CD single - New Born/ Shrinking Universe / Piano Thing - what an awesome mix of songs on one CD :D!


All that said, I still think Piano Thing is wicked. It doesn't get enough credit for simply sounding brilliant, imo. I know it gets a lot of criticism on a technical level for being 'all over the place'/ 'lacking structure' / 'ripping off so and so [insert thousands of composers' names here] - but for those of us who judge songs purely by how much the like/dislike what they hear, I think it's a lovely piece of work, lol.

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