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Thank you, Muse, thank you

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Moved this from another thread with the same goals and very similar title; post author said she would like it added to this one!


Hi, it's my first post on forum, so I want to say Hello to all of You.

I hope I made this thread in right place.


But, straight to the point - Me and my wife want to thank Muse - Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard i Christopher Wolstenholme - for great help in surviving the most difficult time in our life.

We got merried on 5th July 2014 and then started to try to have a baby. Now my wife is in 6th month of pregnancy - but, we have very bad medical prognosis. In 3rd month we took prenatal test and we got even 25% for genetic defect. It was shock for us, but we took more tests and did everything we could for our baby. Now we know that it is only a heart defect, quite complicated, but doctors in Poland can operate it.


But what is the most important in this story, Muse helped us to survive these moments.

Thanks to my wife I get "Live at Rome Olympic Stadium" in February 2014 and from this time, we are simply in love in Muse. We even danced to the Muse at our wedding - we had a mix tape of 4 songs - and one of which was "Madness", from the words "I need to love...".


There are no words to describe how much lyrics, music and emotions of Muse songs helped us. Madness, Explorers, Follow Me, Starlight, Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, Knights of Cydonia and much, much more were a great cure for us.

Also, when for the first time I heard heartbeat of our daughter I realized, that I know this sound very well - and it is on "Isolated System" and "Follow Me". I know it's a little bit silly that previously I didn't recognize that it is a heartbeat, but I knew it only from movies etc. Now "Isolated System" is one of my favorite songs.


So, a little big long text, but I just wanted Muse to know that what they are doing is beautiful and more important than just another one rock band.


We love You and thank You and we will try to be in Warsaw on 14 June 2015, but it will be only about 1.5 month after the birth, so it might be problematic.

Best Regards from Koszalin, Poland!


Ps. Our dance during Madness - we had a small choreography :$


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