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theme song #2

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Sing to the lovely tune of Muscle Museum)


Muse has something to confuse us

But we have lots of time so

Lets give it a try.


You will fool us with your buke to

Make us want to puke cuz

We just don't keckin' know.


Too long we will try to figure

WTF we're missing

Please give us another clue.



Can Muse understand we're needing

Begging for a reason

Why we are so insane.

And if Matt could just help us

Just give us a new twit pic

Or something pleeeeese

And we'll sack this cockminster now!


Muse have stood there in the toilet

And drummed with sheep and foiled us

To prove we don't know the keckin' code.


Too long this thread has 200 pages

It will take us ages

The answer is nowhere to be found.



Can you understand we feel stupid

Begging for some tour dates

And the album release.

And if MattDomChrisandTom loved us

They wouldn't do this to us

Because it pleases them

But we'll figure this all out soon!



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