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  1. Your avatar is quite interesting. :D

  2. of course you don't! :kiss:

    it was me being confusing, i meant the email address that i can use to search for you on facebook. :happy:

  3. fb email? :$


    I know I suck :facepalm:

  4. suuuure. :happy: pm me your fb email address, i'm unsearchable :chuckle:

  5. can i add you on fb? :)



    I have like 3 friends on fb, it feels kinda empty. I 12 friend requests but i don''t want add them :chuckle:


  6. Awwh thank you, happy new year to you too! :kiss:

  7. Happy new year!! :kiss:

  8. I think they were all tired. I didn't go last night, but tonight Chris went straight from the door to his car without even hesitating. Dom waved at us a little and so did Matt
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