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  1. the gig was ( i guess i have to put 'IMO' now or i'll get a lot of hate )
  2. well i'm sorry if i annoyed anyone it's not all my 11 pages of posts i was a bit too harsh to comment about where you live, sorry about that the main thing is these prices are shocking for people who earn about 2000UAH to be exact the cheapest tickets are 62$ (here 1$ = ~8UAH) people thought they would get to fanzone1.surely most of them will buy 500UAH tickets. i will leave this thread now because it doesn't make any sense anymore. you can't help our problems obviously of course here in Ukraine our main goal is to lower the price for me it is to know how would Muse comment that
  3. i don't care who's bigger Placebo are still big and tickets were twice cheaper
  4. i don't understand why would you say 'tickets are too expensive because of twilight' i only answered you question. there's no statistics. i think you all got carried away from the main thing Europe 50-60$ Ukraine - 100-130$ i think it's unfair.
  5. oh, insults.how very nice of you. if you don't think all of it makes sense what are you doing here? there is one simple reason why we started it all: muse fans want to see the band.ticket prices are too high.would've been too high even for europe.muse fans can't buy them.rich muse fans can buy them.as a result 50% of muse fans can't get to the gig. ok?you think the reason is not good enough? well, no one asked you.
  6. come oooon.Muse got a good third of fans after the massive Twilight shit.one of the reasons they got bigger.
  7. you asked about the capasity of the venues.it is the first answer. the second one is the answer for where DM played, where Muse played the previous time and where are they playing now.
  8. come on don't make me mention Twilight. then why was it cheaper to book them for other countries? i think i remembered why i left this messageboard in the first place i'm sorry but i can't take you seriously because someone who lives in Sweden - one of the most wealthy countries in the world can not understand the problem people in Ukraine have to face.
  9. In my opinion they are the same.you are weird to believe Muse are bigger just because they've gone extremely mainstream. Muse tickets are 1100UAH. all of them are the same venue.
  10. people can afford buying legal records.we just can't find them here.it works like this - you ask if its licenced one they say 'yes it is' you pay 100UAH for a CD and then it turns out it's the pirate one.
  11. so you think Muse are bigger than Placebo? woah there.really? i think Depeche Mode were 900UAH Fanzone1.
  12. you can see nothing from 50$ places.another reason why this venue is not better. they are the seated ones at the back.
  13. we've already written loads of letters to them.all we got was an auto-reply. but we'll never give up.it's not that much about the money, it's about the band knowing what's going on.
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