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Muse shop: are the sizes wrong?

The Cake

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The t-shirt that I am interested in says Large = 53cm chest in female sizes, but surely this wrong? How tiny would that person be!?


I need the size that converts to 40 inches (Size 16UK).


Help me please. It's a gift for a Muse fan and I don't know what else to get her :-(

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I think the shop size is the shirt lying flat and measured across as well as down. So basically it's 53 cm wide lying flat so the person fitting into that will have 106 cm around his or her body at that height (armpit to armpit is the measurement area usually as far as I remember)


Didn't we have this is another thread ages back already?

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I'm not fat, I've just got big boobs. :phu:


I feel your pain sister.


I've got big boobs BECAUSE I'm fat.:LOL:


I was dieting last year so I bought a ladies' size small Second Law T-shirt. I had slimmed down to a UK size 14 without a problem and was looking forward to losing enough weight to get down to a size 12 and I would have done had not the Slimming World consultant started being a bitch to me on Facebook.:mad: After a six-month dispute which went right to the founder of the organisation I finally had some kind of resolution but I stopped going to SW and put all the weight back on.:( I bought a T-shirt on ebay that just says MUSE in white on black that fitted true to size when I was a 14 so if you don't mind buying new but not perhaps current as in not from muse.mu then you should be okay.:)

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If it's at all helpful, the more loose fitting ladies shirts seem to be more true to size.

They don't seem to sell it anymore, but I have the "exploding brain" T2L one, which was a loose fit and a blousey fabric, and the Large is actually really loose on me.


Then, I have a more "normal" style and fabric T-shirt in an XL, and I can't stretch it far enough to fit over the girls.


If you see one you like, get her a looser fitting style.

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