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Bootleg vids of B-Sides??


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Anybody know if there's a list of bootleg videos of Muse gigs where B-sides have been played??

I know that they pretty much stopped maybe around the time of Absolution ( except US gigs), but I would like to know if I've missed any that are out there.

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Is there a decent one of Glorious? I've seen all the ish quality vids but were there any proper good recordings?


There's a decent audio only video and a more distorted video one. And like a small clip of Earl's Court but quality isn't good on either end.

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Why do Muse underrate so much their BH&R period?


Crazy how they've been playing more Abso and OoS songs than BH&R. Not complaining about old songs coming back of course, but damn there's so many gems from the BH&R era. Even Invincible would've been a nice stadium treat to go with Blackout.

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I was making a compilation of B-sides and rare tracks onto a DVD but forgot to finish it...


Finish it.







Haha, seriously though, what tracks did you use, from which gigs etc?

I would love to see a good version of Crying shame. I had a great bootleg from the Earls court gigs in 2004?? They played songs that weren't finished then, not so much now :(

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