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Muse: Exogenesis - once again.


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Hello, Ive been analysing Muse's Exogenesis since relase and i would like to place here explaination for each part - ofc about meaning. I know there's already topic about exogenesis but im kinda interested in paleoastrology and i figured out something that may be interesting for ya.


part 1:


"Trapped in God's program

Oh I can't escape"


- von Daniken and many others have theories that extra-terrestials helped us open our minds, creating homo-sapiens - they appear all time in Bible, we know them as 'god' but it's clearly said 'WE created human' not I. and ofc we couldnt understand aliens super technology - and our brains were too tight to get it, so thats how religion and 'GOD' was created - thats the GOD's plan


"I can't forgive you

And I can't forget"


- he can't forgive them that they awaked our consciousness, we know whats good and whats bad, we can make choices. They also left us without SO MANY answers, thats why hes asking them. He can't forgive + he cant forget becouse they're our real fathers, they were close to us, teaching us and then they left Earth.


part 2: -thats my favourite one


"Rise above the crowds

And wade through toxic clouds

Breach the outer sphere

The edge of all our fears"


-it's all about gettin into outer sphere, its not metaphysical. its about breaking the atmosphere - the edge of all our fears - people in centuries were scared about whats outside earth, where our planet ands and heaven starts - thats why its edge of all our fears.


"Rest with you

We are counting on you

It's up to you"


- We're counting on extraterrestrails help, its up to them becouse they created our kind.


"Spread, our codes to the stars

You must rescue us all

Spread, our codes to the stars

You must rescue us all"


- It says that we all should send our calls, messages through the universe, they have to know that we're already enough advanced to destroy whole planet - for example.


"Tell us, tell us your final wish?

Now we know you can never return

Tell us, tell us your final wish?

We will tell it to the world "


- Im not sure about those wishes thingy but i think that they created us for some reason, they also cooperated with people - u can find lot of info's reading bible. They can never return - they were supposed to return at 23 Dece,ber 2012 but nothing happened - thats why we can't be sure if they're comming back.


part 3:


"Let's start over again

Why can't we start it over again

Just let us start it over again

And we'll be good

This time we'll get it, get it right

It's our last chance to forgive ourselves"


- I found someone interpretating it as a vision of people colonising new planet. Its possible but i found it different. Starting over again is about the new start, after well almost destroy our kind in for example atomic war. Extraterrestrials wouldnt like to get such beautifull planet like Earth get wasted, the question is would they like to let us start again? Or will they try creating new thinking kind? It says that 'this time we'll get it, get it right' - it's about our history begginig. People couldn't understand what aliens technology means - thats why they created 'gods' and its worldwide now. We pray to non-existing beans instead of thinking - Matt says that this time we will get it right. Thats becouse we already have some technical progress, rockets tanks computers etc. and now we will be able to understand WHAT they are - not gods for sure ;).


What else.. Im sure Matt's interested about New World Order but im also sure he's also interested in our true version of history - for example Erich von Daniken works on it for about 30 years now, enjoy lecture. Thats why he sings a lot about 'starlight' seeing 'the light' etc. u can believe me or not but im sure about my rights in interpretation :D. Hope u gonna enjoy it, greetz.


EDIT: what else! Theyre goin to perform into space. Not becouse its like 'WOW lets get in rocket and sing in space its so crazy". Its symbolic = singing NOT on Earth but into SPACE - our father's world

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